Well… since I can’t draw very well thanks to a bad cut on my finger, I decided to show how I work on my Dark Souls comics! [and to show that I don’t use anything really fancy in my arting… haha!]
I tend to collect pens… the array shown is pens in various stages of “empty" properly labeled so I know which to use for what. The stronger the ink flow the more it’s used on major details like the characters. Weaker pens are used for fine details in the background, or for doing speed lines.
The two pencils are a red line pencil for doing the guidelines for the page, and a drafting pencil [my ♥] for the rough pencils. I don’t use rulers. It’s meant to look rough… Oh, and that piece of turd is a kneaded eraser…
I hope it was interesting to see a quick snippet into how these silly comics are being made…! ^^

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