Products I’m selling: Part of my stash to sell @ Anime Next 2012… Magnets!!! Here are the many I’ve cut out today… [my hand is broken BTW.] There’s matching designs with Stickers, Prints/Posters [4x6, 8x11, 11x17] and Bookmarks! Hopefully any leftover I’ll try to sell online if there’s enough interest in them… Now to continue working on Trick Stars!!! It’s crunch time! /fist pump

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  1. geekmythologycrafts said: Yaaaay Left 4 Dead!
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  5. dezfez said: grats on the magnets! Did you use the Xyron sheets or printer-friendly sheets? Cuz theey look amazing. (I want the Ellis one. I want it now ;A; *grabby hands* )
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