Obligatory “COME SEE ME!" Post for Anime Next 2012’s Artist Alley!

I’m at table 42, and if I’m not drowning in my own insanity I’ll be selling stickers/magnets, bookmarks, and prints [4x6, 8x11, 11x17] from various video games and original stories! Oh… and this crazy thing
[I’ll be taking commissions too~]
My usual partner in crime, Dezy, will be next to me at 41. We’re both probably going to be chewing on the tables together… fweehehehee…
And I will be sharing my table with Bee of Bee-hive Studios

  1. bee-hivestudios said: Notice how most of the usual trouble makers are in the lower left hand corner of the map ( from our table down )? WOO! PARTAY!
  2. jamiekinosian said: Good luck I’m sure you’ll kick ass! :)
  3. dezfez said: WHY IS TABLE THROWING ONE OF THE TAGS? I am not prepared for Random Tank Appearance™!
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