Hey watchers! I need your help/inquiry!

For awhile now, I’ve been wanting an actual project. Doing the same old everyday of drawing something, working on commissions, and uploading a page here or there of my Dark Souls comic isn’t fulfilling enough… I want something that I can really sink myself into. With that, I have three original comic projects that I would like to actually REALLY begin.

Firstly, some history. I had an intensive online comic that I worked on with my sister for ten years; 3 Pillars, it wasn’t very popular or successful because I feel I didn’t have enough online presence to promote it. It’s not abandoned or anything, it’s still my baby - but it needs a new story structure to help modernize it. So I put that on the back burner for now…
Here’s where I call upon you, my follower. ♥

There are three other comic stories that are sort of ready to be worked on [in various stages of completion]. I’d like to take a crack at working on them, but I have a hard time picking which one…

I’ll describe each story. I want you to tell me either in a reply, or an ask which you are most interested in and why. [Anon is available as well.]

Influenza [2] - Semi-Futuristic/Modern day Sci-fi Horror/Drama. Mercenary Ace is sent in on a mission by the Fresno Police [with team mates; Police chief Prai, Arae a lab tech, and another mercenary Darjean.] to investigate a case of homicide where the killer escaped into the sewer. He finds the criminal, which an extraterrestrial being in the shell of a young woman, who escapes. Their fates intertwine when her sisters are sent to Earth, to complete the job she couldn’t finish… [This comic is very high-action - for teens 14+]

Etioli [2] - Historical/Fantasy Nature-inspired Narrative - A young boy, Paichu, lives in a land where water is poison and slowly the native plants are being crowded out by an invasive barbed vine. A strange woman wanders into his town carrying a strange message - she has to get to the Sun Altar. The two of them, along with his hound companion Ollin, make their way across hostile lands and warring tribes to take Zea to the Sun Altar. [This comic is more narrative and visual - for everyone]

The Ward [2] - High Fantasy/Action Graphically-gory & Raunchy - The Cathedral is under attack by a powerful summoner. One of the students, Alyssa, is sent by the Headmaster to get the aid of other colleges. On her route, assisted by an alchemist Rhodes, Alyssa is attacked by the stray summoner. To gain the upper hand she obtains a relic said to give her powers to defeat the stranger. Instead, she becomes cursed with an uncontrollable demon with… touchy-hands. ♥ [This comic is action & comedy - for mature audiences 16+]

So there we go! The descriptions are a bit rough, but I didn’t want to give out too much of the story but just enough to pique interestPlease be honest and let me know what you think! Please even offer suggestions if you see fit! I’d really like to hear what you guys think!

So yes, which comic should I try to work on more diligently?

  1. assassoala answered: The Ward!! C:
  2. phychugirl answered: Influenza was always awesome in my eyes. And who couldn’t love the story/characters of 3III?
  3. dragon-saint answered: I’d favour The Ward, I really enjoy your mix of action and comedy in Dark Souls and the concept sounds both hilarious and awesome.
  4. karrey said: The Ward! :D
  5. justgia answered: i’m likin The Ward
  6. thousand-flowers answered: Etioli sounds the most appealing to me!
  7. dezfez answered: Ah man, I like ‘em all. D: Though Etioli seems to catch my eye the most, mainly because I like sweeping narratives. :L
  8. datotherpotatochip answered: Hum… I’m between Influenza and The Ward. I’d love to see a futuristic themed thing coming from you. But TW’s theme is also interesting…
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  10. ninalyncoco answered: I’d like to read Influenza! Mostly because I like reading sci-fi, angst and survival stuff n_n
  11. professorbic answered: I think Influenza and if not that the ward.
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