Thought it would be neat to show this off. My workspace!
I’ve never had an actual drawing desk before, usually I work off of an oversized clip board on my lap at my computer desk. [it’s 18”x18”]

And to celebrate that, I made myself a raised ‘light table’. That way I can do watercolor or dr. martin dye illustrations easier! Excited to dabble in traditional mediums again… hehe.

Enough people have asked about the light table! Hahaha.

Essentially I didn’t want to buy a light box, because they’re crazy expensive for the size I needed. Instead I went and got two picture frames from Ikea [they’re the 12x18 Ribba frames.] and two wall shelf brackets. Stick a piece of tracing paper inbetween the glass panes and put it all together - boom. A simple light box that cost me less than 30 bucks. [not pictured is my beautiful lamp that doubles as the light source for this setup.] XD

Maybe I’ll even start offering them for commission as well. If enough show interest, who knows, right? Hehe.
[Also… I ♥ Ikea. Seriously.]

If you have any questions about the setup or my supplies, go ahead and send me an ask!

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