Dark Souls: The last of my Artorias prints, going to a good home~

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October 3rd, 2013: Dark Souls / Artorias
In the month of October, I’m going to be uploading a costume a day - to celebrate the month of costumes! Wanna see me in a particular costumeSend me an ask! I’ll try to fill as many requests as I can past the thirty!
[there may be multiples per day if that’s the case! XD;;]

I told you I’d get a lot of Dark Souls prompts. And I did. Hahahhaa!
Me as an angry lil’ Arty… but imagine a lovely tuft of flowing amber hair instead of black… hahahahhaa~

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Dark Souls: Been working on commissions all day so I haven’t been wanting to draw lately. So what is this? These are commissions I did back at New York Comic Con 2012! A lovely gentleman approached me with THREE commissions - all of them with him as the Elite Knight! These are the other two where he wanted to be fighting Ornstein and Artorias.

[Why, yes, I do commissions~ :D]

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Dark Souls: Oh look. Here’s Artorias…

I miss drawing traditionally. Makes me wanna work on an update to my comic… ohohohoho.

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"The 12 Days of Dark Souls"
by Karniz.

On the eighth day of Dark Souls,
From Software gave to me…

Eight dudes in armor,

Seven magic users,
Six summoned phantoms,


Four treasure chests,
Three Blacksmiths,
Two mecha boars,
And a great view from a crow’s foot

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Each day, starting December 13th to the 24th I’ll be posting a new graphic commemorating the wonderful gifts that From Software gave to their fans with Dark Souls. I hope you all enjoy the illustrations and song that I have prepared for you! ♥

You may post these to other venues to share with Dark Souls fans! Just please be kind and do not alter the art, and source the material to my Tumblr! To keep up to date with the song, please be sure to visit the “12 Days of Dark Souls" tag~


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Dark Souls: 4 Knights of Gwyn poster. It’s done. I think… I need some input on the background though… shoot me an ask if you want to assist me in the decision! Sadly I won’t be picking everyone who asks, just a select few users I recognize… [UPDATED READ BELOW!]
[The only criteria to be picked is that you must promise to not post the fullsize version *anywhere* prior to me releasing it…]

Added: My inquiry isn’t on what to ADD to the background! The illustration itself is already really very very busy, and I’m not adding anything more illustrative-wise to it - my question is about COLOR.
Stop sending me suggestions on what to add [ie. Anor Londo/Cathedral/Royal Woods/Gwyn] to the background! I can’t work on this more than I already have! Hehehehe~ XD;;

Booyah. Now I can move onto a possible Borderlands 2 poster… mwahahhaa…

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Dark Souls: Still working on it, but the basis of the lines are done. Still gotta do some tweaking, but essentially this is the print I’m working on of the Four Knights of Gwyn! Ohohohohoo… This is going to be a beautiful poster. I can’t wait to finish it! >D

Edit 09/22/2012: Colored preview here!

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Dark Souls: Guess what I’m working on? The Four Knights of Gwyn 11x17 poster for New York Comic Con! Even if people don’t know who these characters are, I bet it looks awesome for any fan of fantasy characters.

I’ll open up a print shop too and sell it there as well!
For those not able to goto the con. XD

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Dark Souls: is Karniz getting slapped by… Artorias?! Click here for the full version on my DeviantART gallery! :D

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Dark Souls: Badass Artorias. This’ll be available as a print [also, in color.] @ Anime Next 2012. Hopefully there will be other’s who’ll appreciate my Dark Souls love… mwahahhaa.

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