Trick StarsFaris of FFV crossdressing as Vincent from FFVII. Done for the cover of my Final Fantasy fan comic, Trick Stars Vol. II. [clickie to see the full cover]

I do have some extra comics from past conventions, maybe I’ll put em’ up for sale in my store! mwahahaha…

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Trick Stars: In reference to the sneak preview I posted days ago… I’m finally done…! (With part one of three.) Now to move onto FFVII… Mwahahaha!
[FYI: Trick Stars is a Final Fantasy Doujinshi Anthology I worked on in 2009. I do not plan on releasing it in it’s entirety online, but I will publish samples.]

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Work in progress: Brava! Worked hard yesterday, two pages done during work… Now to see if I can get more done… Getting a comic ready for AN2012!

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