Team Fortress 2: One of my most requested-to-draw series - and strangely enough, character. This time, I took the suggestion of the anon that messaged me and drew him in “my style” rather than mimicking the style of the game. It came out interesting enough. Hehe. :D

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Team Fortress 2: Mwahhahahahaaaa…. more bookmark/sticker/magnet designs, RED AND BLU STYLE! ♥

  Illustration    gaming    Fanart    Team Fortress 2    soldier    scout    pyro    sniper    heavy    medic    spy    Demoman  

Illustration: Heh, I liked this illustration too much not to slam it on my tumblr too. [forgive me!] Been a long time overdue, I know… I know…

  Illustration    art    video games    Team Fortress 2    engineer    sniper    soldier    TF2  

Lines: Heavy, Medic, and Demoman. I Demoman.

  lineart    Team Fortress 2    Heavy    Medic    Demoman  

Lines: Sniper, Engie, and Spy. Lookie who’s trying to be sneaky about a backstab… ¬_¬

  Team Fortress 2    Sniper    Engineer    Spy    lineart  

Lines: Team Fortress 2 bookmark/magnet drawings I am working on. This set is of the Soldier, Scout, and Pyro! Zoom zoom~

  Team Fortress 2    TF2    soldier    scout    pyro    lineart  

Sketch: workin’ on a Team Fortress 2 Print. This is the Blu Soldier. About to blast the Red Pyro up to high heavens! Mwhahahaha.

  team fortress 2    tf2    soldier