Fullmetal Alchemist: Just a silly warm up doodle… But yeah, Armstrong? He’s the reason I watch this anime. Heh heh.
[I’m playing more anime catchup. ^w^;;]

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Dark Souls: Still working on it, but the basis of the lines are done. Still gotta do some tweaking, but essentially this is the print I’m working on of the Four Knights of Gwyn! Ohohohohoo… This is going to be a beautiful poster. I can’t wait to finish it! >D

Edit 09/22/2012: Colored preview here!

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Dark Souls: Badass Artorias. This’ll be available as a print [also, in color.] @ Anime Next 2012. Hopefully there will be other’s who’ll appreciate my Dark Souls love… mwahahhaa.

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Dark Souls: TAAAARRRRRRKKUSSSSSS!!! Uhh, yeah. It had to be done. I also promise to do more daily Dark Souls character illustrations… I have a special one in the dugout…

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