Dark Souls: Hey ‘dere. Finally, Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls got an update today! If you are up-to-date with the comic, click here for the first of the new pages. If you don’t know what it is, why don’cha take a gander?

But yes… so much death… of the Silver Knights and my own! Mwahahaa
[BTW so far the Ornstein & Smough bossfight death count is at 2. XD]

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Can I ask what software you use for your Dark Souls comics? It looks like PSP but the resolution is kind of blurry on your streams to get an accurate count but I like the strokes that it makes on it. Thank!

Hiya Anon! I’d be happy to answer your question:

In actuality my Dark Souls comics are illustrated by hand!


[proof of said workmanship with three pages shown sitting on top of my keyboard & tablet!]

Here’s a closeup of the lower of the first page shown:

[Where you can still see my pencil guide lines…]

The only time that I will illustrate with an art program for the comic is during ‘extra pages' and to do the effects - plus other minor edits.

And to answer your other question, I primarily illustrate using Paint Tool Sai. I do have Painter 12 as well as Photoshop CS3 but I find that Sai, since it’s less ‘crazy’, just works better for the way I work. I do, however, still do art in Painter 12/CS3 but I need to tweak the settings so it doesn’t take me ten minutes just to save a 10Kx15K pixel canvas… [I work really, really big.]

Thanks! Anyone else got a question for me?

Trick Stars: FFX portion complete! Didn’t believe I was able to get this all done by Anime Next 2012, but it seems I may be able to debut it after all!

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The Ward: Page fourteen of my original comic, The Ward. I’ll post more constantly after I’m done being super busy. Super cereal.

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Trick Stars: Finally finished with the FFVII portion of Trick Stars Vol. II! Mwahahaha! FFX next!!! I also updated the previous sample image to something much… nicer to look at.
[FYI: Trick Stars is a Final Fantasy Doujinshi Anthology I worked on in 2009. I do not plan on releasing it in it’s entirety online, but I will publish samples.]

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Trick Stars: In reference to the sneak preview I posted days ago… I’m finally done…! (With part one of three.) Now to move onto FFVII… Mwahahaha!
[FYI: Trick Stars is a Final Fantasy Doujinshi Anthology I worked on in 2009. I do not plan on releasing it in it’s entirety online, but I will publish samples.]

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Work in progress: Brava! Worked hard yesterday, two pages done during work… Now to see if I can get more done… Getting a comic ready for AN2012!

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