Commission: WIP of Beastly’s character, Carrefour.
[she’s a gorgeous artist, by the way… go check her out! DO IT.]
Well, it’s pretty much done, but my back is hurting and I need to let my computer rest! Awooga!

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Wyrmrest Accord    Undead    Horde    Carrefour    Mage    Highwayman    Art    Illustration    Work in Progress  

World of Warcraft: Commission lines progress of Becca’s babies, Ransforde and Byriel. I’ve drawn them beforeShe’s great to work with, hehe.
[best commission reactions - ever.]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Horde    Wyrmrest Accord    Undead    Byriel    Ransforde    Lineart    Work in Progress  

World of Warcraft: Some recent commission sketches. and it”s a TROLL! ♥ I don’t get to draw trolls’ very often… hehehe! Excited~
More awesome hunter poses… I love posing the character with it’s pet… and another wolf, no less!
[I’m going to be a pro at drawing wolves pretty soon… ^w^;;]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Troll    Hunter    Illustration    Sketch    Art    Fanart    Gaming    Video Games    MMO    Vukozu    Archon  

World of Warcraft: Commission in progress of Asharion, flat colors stage! I honestly love how badass he looks… I mean, the description I got of him was that his nose is broken. Broken. I love that, hehehee.

  World of Warcraft    MMO    Gaming    Commission    Blood Elf    Asharion    Art    Illustration    Digital Art  

Commission: Circa NYCC 2012… a commission done for Luigi, of him as a “Protector of the Realm”.
He was impressed by the amount of detail I did in my fantasy illustrations, the girls I was sitting with were more impressed by his good looks. Kehehe.

  Commission    Line Art    Inks    NYCC 2012    Fantasy    Knight    Luigi  

Just a silly update. Nothing too big… I changed around my commission site information. Some of the info was outdated, so now it’s all just newish…
Also new examples! I finally updated the commission examples! Har har har…

So yes, I am open for commissions! Have you been interested but haven’t gotten in contact with me yet? If you save a place right now I will be able to get to you sometime in March! [yeah… I’m busy. -_-;;]

It’s funny… the samples are pretty much World of Warcraft-related. Which I also added in some special WoW character instructions…. hehe.

World of Warcraft: Commission WIP of Xein! I get to draw TWO Pandaren in a row now! I’m sort of psyched…. hehe.

[And forgive me for lack of real art. Commissions are keeping me mega-busy! =_=;;]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Pandaren    Work in Progress    Digital Inking    Xein    Paint Tool SAI  

World of Warcraft: So I may be working on a Pandaren for the first time! Exciting! Although I’m not sure about their body markings… but it won’t matter… this cute monk will be wearing armor. Hehe.

And yes, I am alive. I’ve just been sick… -_-;;

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Sketches    Work in Progress    Pandaren    Monk    Xein    Art    Illustration    Pencil    Traditional Art  

World of Warcraft: illustration of Ty’haevia, the lovely Blood Elf priest of Wyrmrest Accord. [I had showed work-in-progress line art of her prior.]

I was given liberties on the outfit, to which I happily obliged. Yes, I’m flexible with my commissions!

Isn’t she lovely? I think she is. [Not biased to priests… nooo I’m not… ^w^;;]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Blood Elf    Priest    Wyrmrest Accord    Art    Illustration    Digital Art  

So the awesome Meyer/palidoozy-art posted a thing about a “100 Percent Meme”; which, for me, is something always found interesting. Seeing the canvas sizes that artists use!
Here’s mine as a screenshot at 100% in Paint Tool Sai. Also, my monitor is 1920x1200 resolution. Posted two so it shows the difference between a bust illustration and a full body one. [Both are recent commissions I’ve been working on.]

For those interested; I work at 400dpi. 8x11 canvas is 7800x8800, 11x17 canvas is 8800x13600. Excessive… I know. ^w^;;

Fun times!

  100 Percent Meme    Art    Illustration    World of Warcraft    Commission  

World of Warcraft: Commission line art busts in progress… Next up is colors! These two are Byriel and Ransforde of the Wyrmrest Accord. I’d bet they’d be fun to go out and drink with… ohohohoho~

Yes, I am open for commission.

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Undead    Wyrmrest Accord    Line art    Byriel    Ransforde    Priest    Rogue    Illustration  

World of Warcraft: Commission work in progress… lines of the lovely Ty’haevia~ I’m going to have fun coloring this in… hee hee hee.

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Work in Progress    Line art    Blood Elf    Ty'haevia    Priest    Art    Illustration    Fanart  

A Year in review: Illustrations done each month - I either picked my favorite or one that best represented my artistic skill.

It was oddly difficult to pick each illustration per month… I had at least five to six for each month that would have fit in perfectly [and amazingly enough, September was my busiest month commission-wise…] and had to choose between them.

But yes, I can happily say that this year was very very successful art-wise. I cranked out a good ten to twenty finished pieces a week… I still try to keep a steady once-a-day drawing for Tumblr.

Thank you to everyone who watches me here on Tumblr or my other websites… Your comments and ♥’s fuel me and keep me wanting to draw more for you!  So thank you, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! ♥

Here’s to a good 2014!

  Year in Review    Year of Art    Illustration    Commission    World of Warcraft    Dark Souls    Nintendo    Original Art    The Hobbit  

World of Warcraft: A blast from the past… this was a watercolor commission I had done back in 2007 of Nizoral and Rowain.

[Nizoral reeeeallllly wants to make those Beer Basted Boar Ribs. Yumyum!]

Funny tidbit - I found out that the fine lady that commissioned this from me lived about thirty minutes away when I attained the address to mail out the original! I could have driven it to her! And we also played on the same server!
Life works in mysterious ways… hehe.

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Watercolor    Traditional Art    Video Games    Gaming    Druid    Night Elf    Warlock    Human    Art    Illustration  

World of Warcraft: More commissions - this time of Skullcrusha! Another lovely citizen of Moon Guard… I’m having way too much fun with these commissions. Hehe.

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Moon Guard    Gaming    Death Knight    Orc    Skullcrusha    Art    Illustration    Digital Art