World of Warcraft: Commission of A___ & N_______
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

I’m being dangerous for posting this, hehe. Names are blocked out because this is a gift commission! I’ll add their names once it’s received! Heh.

But yes! I don’t get to draw enough Alliance. And ze’ lovely Garrod came back to get another gift commission! He’s wonderful. Such a great GuyNelf… XD

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Commission: Mother/Son, World of Warcraft
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Hehe. I do enjoy the sketching stage of my commissions… Here is one of a lovely mother/son picture! I dunno why but I totally channeled a sultry look with her up there… [hummina hummina~] XD;;

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Sketch    Night Elf    Human    Illustration    Art    Fanart    Digital Art  

Commission: Erlussi & The Scavenger, L’s original character
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Part two to the commission I’ve been working on!
[which I believe I’m finished with. Waiting on the commissioner’s response. XD;;]

I’m definitely adding the “faux watercolor" method to my commissions… it’s such a nice style for beautiful images. Such as this one.
To which here is Erlussi - trying to heal the Scavenger.

Commission: Erlussi, L’s original character
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Commission I’m currently working on. Just finished with the flats… this is my favorite and least favorite stage to work on because… well, as any artist can relate - flats take the longest to complete. Hehe!

Commission: Kaldrinal, for talenthiel!
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Behold, this manly man of men.
I love cel-shading. LOVE IT. Loooooove it. LOVE! Hehe.

For those wondering: Yes, I am getting closer to finishing up my commission queue! Alas, I will need to work on some personal projects first though, so I may open a smallish queue later in the month. XD

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Night Elf    Gaming    Fantasy    WoW    Video Game    Kaldrinal    Digital Art    Cel Shading  

Commission: Ryuji of No More Heroes for ayana-88
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Here is one part of my 3-part NMH/Patapon crossover commission!
Ryuji~ He certainly doesn’t look very pleased to be here…
I blame the skin tight leather. Ohohohohohoo~ ♥

  No More Heroes    Patapon    Commission    Ryuji    Gaming    Video Games    Art    Illustration    Digital Art  

Commission: Margaret of No More Heroes for ayana-88
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Here is one part of my 3-part NMH/Patapon crossover commission!
Margaret~ I know I posted one of her already… but she’s too pretty to not post again… hehe. [Plus, this time she’s properly color-coded. XD;;]

  No More Heroes    Patapon    Commission    Margaret    Gaming    Video Games    Art    Illustration    Digital Art  

Commission: Charlie of No More Heroes for ayana-88
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Here is one part of my 3-part NMH/Patapon crossover commission!
Charlie~ And he’s not one to mess with… crazy kid…

  No More Heroes    Patapon    Commission    Charlie    Gaming    Video Games    Art    Illustration    Fanart    Digital Art  

Commission: Bad Girl, from No More Heroes
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

I love my commissioners. I really do. I always get the best subjects… cuz you know I do quite enjoy No More Heroes. XD;;

  No More Heroes    NMH    Gaming    Commission    Bad Girl    Art    Illustration    Digital Art    Video Games    Fanart  

World of Warcraft: Commission of Aurinaka [ shadowcow ]
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Aaaand here’s Aurinaka!
I posted her lil’ shadowfiend previouslyand here’s the rest of her!

Had SO MUCH FUN with this commission. ♥

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Aurinaka    Tauren    Moon Guard    Art    Illustration    Fanart    Digital Art  

Commission/World of Warcraft: Aurinaka's Shadowfiend [ shadowcow ]
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Hehehe… been working diligently on this commission. Here’s a fun snippet from it - a shadow fiend! They’re so adorable…


  World of Warcraft    Shadow fiend    Commission    Gaming    Video Games    Fanart    Art    Illustration    Digital Art    His name is Phillip  

Commission: Kelonaar
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai - for @pyxuspie [it won’t auto-link, thanks Tumblr…]

Commission roughs of Kelonaar! [spruced up cuz’ I’m a dolt and needed a drawing to upload for today.] Working on his handsome Nightelf… don’t mind the crotch bulge. Ohohohohohohoo~

I kind of picture “Hey there, sexy~ ♥" coming from his mouth… hahahaha.

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Wyrmrest Accord    Night elf    Kelonaar    Art    Illustration    Roughs  

Commission: Margaret Moonlight [dressed as the Sabara class of Patapon] from No More Heroes.
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai - for ayana-88

Posting some commission progress… this is a snippet from of a three-part commission of No More Heroes characters as Patapons! It’s fun… very very fun! ♥

  No More Heroes    Commission    Margaret Moonlight    Patapon    Crossover    Digital Art    Art    Illustration    Fanart  

Other’s Original: Crius, commission for drmalpractice.
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

One; she’s gorgeous. Two; she’s a lamia. Three; go check out Mal’s art. He’s amazing. It’s very humbling with great artists commission me. ^w^;;

  Original    Other's Original Characters    Commission    Digital Art    Lamia    Crius  

World of Warcraft: Gargaron, commission for korkrunchcereal.
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Probably one of my favorite commissions in awhile. Hehe.
I really do enjoy working on World of Warcraft RP characters!

[and I believe I’m done. Just getting the last A-O-K… ^w^;;]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Moon Guard    Orc    Gaming    Art    Illustration    Fanart