Dark Souls: Karniz
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Well, I updated Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls… back on the 7th of October!

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Dark Souls: Comic page sketching
Traditional art; pencil [mechanical and drafting]

So I hurt my back. Dunno how, but I can’t sit up at all without being in immense pain… It stinks.
Been unable to draw at my computer… but at least I can lie down and do traditional stuff! So I am working on my Dark Souls comic pages!

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Dark Souls: Ceaseless, Karniz, and Kyuzodomo
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Oh, just ignore that giant molten lava monster… Just keep on runnin’!

Yep! An update to Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls!
[Click here to go to go the first of the newest pages~]

And I wanted to thank reader Harley H-A. for their generous donation! I don’t get very many, but each and every one I do get I’m incredibly thankful for! For those that do not know, my comic is 100% free to read online. So by sending me a small donation it tells me that you enjoy my comic, and gives me the incentive to work hard and give you these updates!

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KrakenCon released it’s Artist Alley map!

This’ll be my first west coast convention… so I’m very excited!
And this is my third convention I’m attending as an artist~
[Anime Next and New York Comic Con being my other two.]

But yes, onto the juicy parts… I do have a handful of new prints [see above], but I also have others that will be available as well! I’ll also be reprinting an older print… hint hint… Anything I have left in stock will be available on my Storenvy Store after the con!

Speaking of the store… all prints for sale on it will be available at the convention too! If you aren’t attending but see something you like, I’d suggest grabbing what you can! I will be closing my store just before the con to then update my inventory when I get back!
[Many pieces I will not restock… so yeah, if I sell out it’s gone!]

Oh yes, if interested, I’m also taking pre orders on my Hyrule Warriors illustration… XD

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Dark Souls: Karniz & Kyuzodomo
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Ahoy! There’s been an update over on Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls! [click here to go to the first of the newest pages~] I also threw up some news in the Free Talk section concerning prints…

Since I will be attending a convention in October, I will be doing a small print reorder of my 4 Knights of Gwyn illustration… And I also have a new Solaire illustration [with a sneak peek here!] that will debut there! To which I’ll sell the remainder of these on my Storenvy store!

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Dark Souls: Karniz and Kyuzodomo
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Mrrp! I didn’t have any idea what to draw for today’s update… so here have Karn and Kyu enjoying a quiet time before a boss fight.

And yep! That means that Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls has been updated! [Click here if you are up to date to start with the first of the newest pages~]

Sadly, I actually had my pages drawn since over a month ago… just didn’t do the rendering until today. Gah! But yeah… better late then never, right?
[I’ve just been so very busy with commissions… ^w^;;]

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Dark Souls: Working on comic pages. here’s an upcoming panel!

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Dark Souls: Comic thumbnails
Traditional Art; pencil

Working on the next sixteen pages of Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls. Good times. There’s a lot more Kyuzodomo coming up! ♥

Dark Souls: Quelaan
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Oh ho ho! Lookie here! This is what happens when I have more free time to myself… I actually update my comic!

So Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls got an update today! [For those caught up, here’s the first of the newest pages!] Plus I gave myself a new icon for the site… hope you guys like it. Kehehe.

But more importantly… Karniz finally joins a covenant.
[and don’t worry, those that have mentioned it… I do kill Karniz very very soon… mwahahahahahahaa…]


It’s not actually difficult to stay warm.
Not when there are many… bodies… lying around. Ohohohoho~

((OOC: I’d like to do more animated panels like this in the future. It’s fun!))

Had a little more fun with this than I should’ve had… hehehehe.

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I’ve answered @dunkstein's question.
It is simply magic. The contents of my crown cannot be explained.

Oh look, sometimes I still remember this thing. XD;;

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Dark Souls: Oh, don’t mind me… just working on something

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Dark Souls: Ever wondered how I worked on a comic page? If you’ve never sat in on one of my Livestream drawing sessionswell, here ya go!

First is the rough sketch, based on sketches I do [you can see the pages recently drawn in that photo too! Hehehe~], second is the lines, then I add the effects. Simple grey washes and red to make the page pop!
You’ll also notice that between the sketch and the line art stage is when I change little details or add things. I never work too tightly in my sketch like a lot of other artists do, I feel it detracts from the creative process.

If I work “without distraction”, a page can take me anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to finish!

Hope you found this interesting. ^w^;;



Sooooo there’s an update over on ze’ comic… Karniz always has her hands full, doesn’t she? I also noticed I haven’t killed her lately. Don’t worry, that’ll be remedied once I get into the Lost Izalith… mwahaha… mwahahaha… WAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA~

Anyways… click here to start reading the new pages. ♥

Dark Souls: Commission for a Youtube channel of the player in Elite Knight armor! I’ll release more details about the channel once the drawing is complete… hehe.
[cuz’ he’s not holding a conventional Dark Souls weapon!]

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