The Ward: Have a Stavros. Being angry. He’s good at angry. ♥

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Original: Warm up drawing. When all else fails - draw a sexy lady possessed by a demon. Works for me every time.

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Novelia - Demon Magic User, Levels 1, 10, and 30.

I loved doing this… went a little overboard as well, mwahahaha… There’s a larger version over on my DA Gallery. | DeviantART | Tumblr

Yup. Here I go drawing demon girls again… Seriously, I can’t help it! XD

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The Ward: I get bouts of drawing these two in loving poses. Some get pretty raunchy… those I don’t put online. Ohohoho. ♥
Stavros & Alyssa from a comic project of mine, The Ward [2].

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30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge: Character #30 Umbra is a trickster demon who planned the war between the tribes from the start, for his own amusement.

Please be sure to check out my DA Gallery for the full illustration containing all 30 Characters!

Illustration: Hair demon. Two things I enjoy drawing. Well, that and naked wimmen. Lovely
Go see the full version here.

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Doodle: Enjoy a punk dark elf with her demon unicorn!

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Sketch: Golosh, the spiral demon. He enjoy’s lemon cakes, squirrel tendons, and collecting seashells by the beach.

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