Nintendo: Fawful, the bestest thing ever to exist.
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Done for the Game-Art HQ over on deviantART’s - “Mario’s Blacklist

Going through the villains… I knew I had to draw Fawful. For he is the MUSTARD OF YOUR DOOM. I took notes from a previous illustration [Gah, circa 2006…] I had done, but since I know how to paint now it looks a hell of a lot better. ^w^;;

[view the full illustration over on my deviantART gallery!]

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Original: Experiment
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

One layer, two brushes [one of them here.]
A warm up drawing to make sure my tablet pen is okay. And it seems to be working fine! Now time to go back to commissions! HOO RAA!

/sleeves up

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Original: Rococo Portrait
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

I don’t paint enough… pretty things. So here, have a pretty lady.
Now onto work!

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Original: Painting Practice
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

I am always trying out new ways to digitally paint. Sometimes I’m not happy with the process or the outcome of my works. I would really like to learn more… cute methods. I’ll have to just keep practicing these days…

By the way, the only part of this painting I like is her left nostril. Don’t ask.

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Sketch Dailies: Today’s Sketch Dailies topic was Mario.

Gonna try doing this sometimes. As long as the subject is interesting enough. Attempting to get these done in 15~30 minutes ONLY. This particular doodle took about 20-ish. [or two Joanna Newsom songs. hehe. ♥]

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So I’m testing out new art programs…
This was done using Manga Studio 5 EX. I’m trying to get used to it cuz’ I’m interested in picking it up… Sai is wonderful and all, but it lacks things that most art programs have. That, and the only other program I have a Photoshop CS3 and Paint shitShop Pro 8 [it came out in 2003. I only use it for very basic things.]

So not bad for a first try? Sadly this took much longer than an illustration would normally take me to do because I was getting used to the brushes and such…
But yeah, I’ll have to dabble in it some more before I decide to buy it!

And why is it MORE EXPENSIVE to buy the upgrade from the actual site than it is to get it standalone on Amazon? I’m boggled.

… and why yes, I doodle myself when I have nothing else in my brain to draw. Don’t judge. XD;;

Original: Warm up of some… guy? I dunno, just randomly sketching. I worked on this at size - so the canvas was only 500x700 px. Working small forces me to be very loose. I like it.

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Original: When all else fails… draw a sexy lady in a bikini that just killed a big monster. I may or may not have been influenced by o-8's [The amazing Alex Ahad] recent wonderful bikini girl post.. Hehehehe… ♥

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DOTA 2: Have a sleepy Slark.

'Ere fishy fishy

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3 Pillars: Secant! Worked at-size… tis always weird not to work super huge…
Now to work on commissions!

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Original Art: Warm up paint that went haywire, as usual. I love the play of a yellow/violet color scheme… and dark skinned girls. ♥

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Original: Oh hey there handsome… Major props if you know who this is. Chances are you won’t. Heh.

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Rurouni Kenshin: Finished up this picture.
Tried out a new brush on this… like like like. I like finding new brushes.

But yeah… started watching this recently! Not a bad show~ I like playing anime catch up… [I have about fifteen years of anime to watch!] hehehe.

See a bigger version here on my DeviantART!

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DOTA 2: Treant Protector. Surprisingly… this was a hero I didn’t think I would click with. But I did. I love protector-type tanks…
[and I adore his responses… ♥]

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Would I could afford to buy my love a fine robe
Made of gold and silk Arabian thread
She is dead and gone and lying in a pine grove
And I must push my barrow all the day

"Eli the Barrow Boy", The Decemberists

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