Original: Warm up of some… guy? I dunno, just randomly sketching. I worked on this at size - so the canvas was only 500x700 px. Working small forces me to be very loose. I like it.

  Original Art    Art    Illustration    Fantasy    Digital Painting  

Original: When all else fails… draw a sexy lady in a bikini that just killed a big monster. I may or may not have been influenced by o-8's [The amazing Alex Ahad] recent wonderful bikini girl post.. Hehehehe… ♥

  Original    Art    Illustration    sexy lady    monster    artists on tumblr    digital painting    digital art    warm up sketch  

DOTA 2: Have a sleepy Slark.

'Ere fishy fishy

  DOTA 2    DOTA 2 Art    Gaming    Slark    Illustration    Art    Fanart    Digital Painting  

3 Pillars: Secant! Worked at-size… tis always weird not to work super huge…
Now to work on commissions!

  Original Art    Original Character    3 Pillars    Secant    Art    Illustration    Digital Painting  

Original Art: Warm up paint that went haywire, as usual. I love the play of a yellow/violet color scheme… and dark skinned girls. ♥

  Art    Illustration    Original Art    Digital Painting    yellow    violet    girl  

Original: Oh hey there handsome… Major props if you know who this is. Chances are you won’t. Heh.

  Original Art    Original Character    Luz    3 Pillars    Illustration    Art    Digital Painting  

Rurouni Kenshin: Finished up this picture.
Tried out a new brush on this… like like like. I like finding new brushes.

But yeah… started watching this recently! Not a bad show~ I like playing anime catch up… [I have about fifteen years of anime to watch!] hehehe.

See a bigger version here on my DeviantART!

  Rurouni Kenshin    Kenshin    Anime    Fanart    Illustration    Art    Digital Painting  

DOTA 2: Treant Protector. Surprisingly… this was a hero I didn’t think I would click with. But I did. I love protector-type tanks…
[and I adore his responses… ♥]

  DOTA    DOTA 2    Treant Protector    Steam    Gaming    Video Games    Art    Illustration    Fanart    Digital Painting  

Would I could afford to buy my love a fine robe
Made of gold and silk Arabian thread
She is dead and gone and lying in a pine grove
And I must push my barrow all the day

"Eli the Barrow Boy", The Decemberists

  Art    Illustration    The Decemberists    Digital Painting    Song Art  

Original Illustration: A lil’ CGing warm up between sketching… she may need to reapply her bandages… All done in Paint Tool Sai.

  Illustration    Art    Original Art    Original Character    Digital Painting    Paint Tool Sai    Elf    Fantasy    Portrait  

World of Warcraft: A commission I’m working on of Rargnasha and the lovely Grogona.
I don’t show enough procedure on how I “CG-Render" my works. So enjoy a rough version of how I apply color to my illustrations after I’m done with the toning/shading!

I actually will go back in and apply even darker tones to ensure depth. Using light and dark properly in your illustrations helps with depth…
[Maybe I’ll make a post tomorrow of my highlights procedure! XD]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Orc    work in progress    drawing process    CG    Digital Painting    Art    Illustration    Fanart  

Commission: Finished colors on my happy puppy commission~ you have no idea how badly I wanna throw a sword in his mouth… hehehe.

  commission    zei akame    wolf    illustration    art    digital painting  

Dark Souls: Finished my illustration from the other day. Meet Zinrak~ My other character in Dark Souls… Whenever I co-op with people… chances are I’m playing this lady instead. She’s… stronger than Karniz. /laughs

View the full version over on my DeviantART!

  Dark Souls    From Software    Lord's Blade Ciaran    Digital Painting    Gaming    Fanart  

WIP: O hey, Uchi on Tumblr - your advice helped! One of the brushes in that set is GREAT! Hehehehe. Working on a digital paint of my “Brass Knightess" character in Dark Souls.
What started as a simple pencil sketch might come out a nice lil’ illustration. ^w^;;

@ Rammy: Yes! I’d love any advice/help you can offer, o wise one~ ♥

Testing out Photoshop: Grr… I dunno why but I can’t seem to enjoy it. Anyone got any pointers for brush settings to help with blending colors? No matter what I try, I can’t get a decent pressure-attested brush…

[yet I see amazing artists out there producing astonishing works using Photoshop. That, or they’re really using Paint Tool Sai and not telling anyone… ohohohoho~]

What I see is that there is a lot of unneeded constant going back and forth with colors to blend it juuuuust right. This picture shown above took me FOURTY MINUTES in PS CS3 [with what would have taken me FIVE in Paint Tool Sai.] …

That’s depressing, folks! >w<;;