Original Art: Started off as a rough sketch. As always it ended up being a far more involved piece. So I drew an older Paichu, from my original story Etioli. Go see the full version over on my DeviantART gallery!

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This challenge was right up my alley - I love doing dynamic poses!
I chose to use my originals, Paichu and his guardian pet Ollin. They’re from my in-progress story, Etioli.
As usual, click here to see a larger version of this illustration in my DeviantART gallery!

noizmaker.net | DeviantART | Tumblr

Ollin’s based on my dog, Cecil. ♥

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Etioli: This drawing looks like a cover… but it’s not. Doodled sometime in… march? I dunno. I wanted to play some Elder Scrolls but it’s already bed time. /sigh


Concept: Sketch for the medicine woman’s hut in my comic-in-the-works Etioli.

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Etioli: Yoyotli, leader of the Tree Clan. She’s a delicate, but strong ruler. With issues.

  Character Design    etioli    Yoyotli  

Etioli: Animal Chief Huaca. He’s Izel’s dad. Men in speedoes are awesome.

  etioli    Character Design    speedo  

Etioli: Ollin, companion hound to the hero - whom is also based on my own hound Cecil. ♥

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Etioli: Character design for the Leader of the Insect Clan, Temotzin. Yes, he’s a double amputee. He’s also insane.

  etioli    Character Design    temotzin  

Character Design: Nelli, of Etioli. Leader of the Druidic Clan.

  etioli    Character Design    Nelli    Druid  

Etioli: Paichu, Zea, and their companion-beast Ollin. Whom is greatly influenced by my own dog, Cecil. ♥

  etioli    original art  

Etioli: Character design/Illustration for the Underground Clan leader, Itiotia.

  etioli    original art    itiotia  

Etioli: Possible header graphic for when I work on my comic site for Etioli. Zea sending off some seedlings while Paichu and Ollin watches. [Ollin, the dog, is based after my own Cecil. ♥]

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