Dark Souls: Howdy ho! It’s been awhile, but there’s finally new pages up on Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls! Click here if you’re caught up to see the new pages!

Yes, the arrival of Tits McGee.
I promise she isn’t that creepy in the comic… kehehehe!

Also, I recorded my drawing these pages on Livestream!
View em’ here! | Video #1 | Video #2 |

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DotA2: I’m posting this for reals now - my illustration of Crystal Maiden for the International! View it in my Workshop!

Go vote for it if you like it! I’d really appreciate it~ ♥

But yes, I’m going to be doing designs of more heroes in the upcoming days! I have a small list of whom I will be working on…

Who would you like to see me do next?

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Dark Souls 2: The new Tits McGee - Chloanne! She must be so bored once she relocates to Majula…
I recorded the coloring of this on Livestream. You can watch that video here!

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Final Fantasy VI: Mog. This was done for a weekly drawing challenge thing on DA. It’s to draw a moogle. So I picked my favorite one. Mog. ♥

[He’s transparent. Drag him around your dashboard! :D]

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Fire Emblem: I haven’t done enough fanart for this series yet. Although I’ve only played Sacred Stones prior to [yeeeeears ago.], I’m enjoying Awakening quite a bit!
Enjoy a Sully. ♥

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Kill la Kill: I’ll ship them till the end of time.

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Dark Souls II: So this is what I look like in Dark Souls II.
If you ever get summoned, or summon a Way of the Blue phantom on PS3 wearing this ridiculous setup [promptly doing a /warcry] with a lapine name - that’s probably me.

I’ll more than likely repeat my madness come the Steam version. Yesss…

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DotA2: A little sneak peak of a new shirt design I’m working on!
Working in halftones and submitting it to some shirt sites. Wish me luck!

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World of Warcraft: Some recent commission sketches. and it”s a TROLL! ♥ I don’t get to draw trolls’ very often… hehehe! Excited~
More awesome hunter poses… I love posing the character with it’s pet… and another wolf, no less!
[I’m going to be a pro at drawing wolves pretty soon… ^w^;;]

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Dark Souls II: I’ve been working on this lil’ project, hehe.
In [very high] anticipation for Dark Souls II… I give to you all - “Darkness Awaits
[By the way, and you can get it on a t-shirt, or as a phone case through my Redbubble store!]

And this is a double update for you all because last week I updated Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls! Three new pages… is Karniz finally going to get past Ornstein & Smough with the help of her new comrade?!

So I wanted to say a big thank you for those out there that are supporting me through reading my comic or buying my prints/products! It’s greatly appreciated!
And yes - I do plan on stretching the comic out into Dark Souls II as well! I will be getting the PS3 version [Collector’s Edition~ ♥] on release but I will also be getting it for PC! [Which I’ll probably predominately play it on…]

{ Praise the Sun! }

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Dead Space 3: I play Carver, the hubs plays Issac.

I will always try to carry a box with me in the elevator… but the game doesn’t want me to keep my box… 。゜(`Д´)゜。

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Nichijou: I felt a connection with Mio… When she went after Yūko upon realizing she forgot to erase her drawings in her notes…? Yeah. Total connection.
… cuz’ I drew yaoi in my study books too…
[circa 1999, mind you.]

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Evangelion: It took me so long to watch this anime… I had a friend in high school that loved it, and used to joke and call me “Gendou”… But I never watched it myself. [wasn’t really into anime.]

Also, I love apocalyptic settings.
[Unit 01 became my favorite because of 2.22~]

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Nintendo: Yes, it’s a robot goomba. He shoots lasers out of his feet. Why not, right? A suggestion from a good friend, Farce.

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Dead Space 2/Catherine: So I had this in my head for awhile now… Cuz’ I recently beat two games that have a crazy woman that’s in your life. Yup.

Honestly, I think Issac had it easier. He has a plasma cutter. Ohohohoho~

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