Final Fantasy XII: Fran & Balthier. I hadn’t been able to draw these two since I worked on Volume 1 of my Final Fantasy doujinshi Trick Stars back in 2010… But yeah, unf.

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Trick Stars: Rydia as Basch. For the cover my fan comic anthology, Trick Stars. I hope to have Volume II done in time for Anime Next 2012! Workworkwork!

  Illustration    Fanart    rydia    basch    final fantasy iv    final fantasy XII    trick stars    doujinshi    Cross Dressers  

Drawing: Penelo, dressed as Lock as part of my Final Fantasty Doujinshi Anthology cover. I noticed I posted three cross dressing men… time for a cross dressing girl. XD

  penelo    final fantasy XII    doujinshi    Cross Dressers  

Drawing: Balthier dressed as Fran, from Final Fantasy XII. This is part of my Final Fantasy Anthology book that I did in 2009 but never really put the individual illustrations up before. I might continue this if people are interested…

  balthier    fran    final fantasy xii    ffxii    cross dressers