Final Fantasy IV: Kain, doing what he does best. Stab things from the SKYYYYY~ ♥

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Final Fantasy: Firstly; HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Secondly; I’m in the path of the lovely Hurricane Sandy en route in the northeast, so if I lose power/internet… I won’t be able to update for, well, whenever it takes.

Anyway! The Magus Sisters!!! If you understand why I drew this, you are awesome

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Trick Stars: Rydia as Basch. For the cover my fan comic anthology, Trick Stars. I hope to have Volume II done in time for Anime Next 2012! Workworkwork!

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Drawing: Tellah, dressed as Relm as part of my Final Fantasty Doujinshi Anthology cover. He’s an old man who can get away dressed like a girl - his hair suits it! mwahaha.

  Tellah    Final Fantasy IV    Cross Dressers