Passion fruit flower. Taken back in September in Washington D.C.
And yes, I’m alive. I’ll draw something soon hopefully! [Just been very very busy…]

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Rain-kissed yellow iris… More spring anticipation posts. I don’t want this snow we’re supposed to have in NJ… (Please no.)
Photo taken May 21 st, 2012.

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Original: Hellebore fairy. I sort of love how this came out… So pleased ♥

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Forced bulbs - hyacinth.
One of many that are starting to bloom on my kitchen windowsill. They smell fantastic!

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In the Garden: Photos of things I found today while doing my daily checkup of the yard/garden. There’s so much produce going on, I can’t wait to make some carnitas with the Red Mustard and various other greens growing as a topping! From top to bottom: spinach, arugula flowers, strawberry, radish, and a mother robin. I’m so lucky to have this to come home to. ♥

  photo    photography    my garden    garden    spinach    arugula    flower    strawberry    radish    robin  

Photo: “Columbine, Columbine; Please alert this love of mine; Let him know his Margaret comes along” ~ by The Decemberists Won’t Want for Love

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Commission: Closeup of a portion of a commission that I did for a wedding invitation. Bride-to-be wanted an iris bouquet. ♥

  commission    flower    iris    wedding invitation  

Photo: Siberian Squill, just one of my newly planted [from October of last year] spring ephemerals. This is the first blooming flower [today!] in my flower beds - US Zone 6.