World of Warcraft: Commission of Aurinaka [ shadowcow ]
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Aaaand here’s Aurinaka!
I posted her lil’ shadowfiend previouslyand here’s the rest of her!

Had SO MUCH FUN with this commission. ♥

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Commission/World of Warcraft: Aurinaka's Shadowfiend [ shadowcow ]
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Hehehe… been working diligently on this commission. Here’s a fun snippet from it - a shadow fiend! They’re so adorable…


  World of Warcraft    Shadow fiend    Commission    Gaming    Video Games    Fanart    Art    Illustration    Digital Art    His name is Phillip  

Original: Experiment
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

One layer, two brushes [one of them here.]
A warm up drawing to make sure my tablet pen is okay. And it seems to be working fine! Now time to go back to commissions! HOO RAA!

/sleeves up

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Dark Souls: Karniz and Kyuzodomo
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Mrrp! I didn’t have any idea what to draw for today’s update… so here have Karn and Kyu enjoying a quiet time before a boss fight.

And yep! That means that Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls has been updated! [Click here if you are up to date to start with the first of the newest pages~]

Sadly, I actually had my pages drawn since over a month ago… just didn’t do the rendering until today. Gah! But yeah… better late then never, right?
[I’ve just been so very busy with commissions… ^w^;;]

  Dark Souls    Karniz's Many Deaths in Dark Souls    Gaming    Illustration    Art    Karniz    Kyuzodomo  


8/31 Ruin Sentinels

More bosses of Dark Souls II! I’m not sorry for this… gyahahahahhaa!
[it was originally going to be far more fabulous… but I decided to keep it simple.]

[View the full illustration on my deviantART!]

  Dark Souls II    Dark Souls 2    DARKSOULS2BOSSRUSH    Ruin Sentinels    Gaming    Fantasy    Fanart    Art    Illustration  

Commission: Kelonaar
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai - for @pyxuspie [it won’t auto-link, thanks Tumblr…]

Commission roughs of Kelonaar! [spruced up cuz’ I’m a dolt and needed a drawing to upload for today.] Working on his handsome Nightelf… don’t mind the crotch bulge. Ohohohohohohoo~

I kind of picture “Hey there, sexy~ ♥" coming from his mouth… hahahaha.

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Wyrmrest Accord    Night elf    Kelonaar    Art    Illustration    Roughs  

Commission: Margaret Moonlight [dressed as the Sabara class of Patapon] from No More Heroes.
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai - for ayana-88

Posting some commission progress… this is a snippet from of a three-part commission of No More Heroes characters as Patapons! It’s fun… very very fun! ♥

  No More Heroes    Commission    Margaret Moonlight    Patapon    Crossover    Digital Art    Art    Illustration    Fanart  


7/31 Skeleton Lords

More bosses of Dark Souls II! Thar be skeletons in them crypts.

[View the full illustration on my deviantART!]

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Ben & Jerry’s: Hazed & Confused.
It’s a chocolate & hazelnut ice cream, with fudge chips & a hazelnut fudge core… it’s SO good. | Tumblr | deviantART

So I decided to jump back into Weekly Art Challenges. Why not, eh?
[it’s still freaky to see all of my handwritten graphics still being used. hehe.]

I devoured this ice cream today. The core is my blood.

  Art    Illustration    Digital Art    Original    Space Ladies    Ice Cream  

World of Warcraft: Gargaron, commission for korkrunchcereal.
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Probably one of my favorite commissions in awhile. Hehe.
I really do enjoy working on World of Warcraft RP characters!

[and I believe I’m done. Just getting the last A-O-K… ^w^;;]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Moon Guard    Orc    Gaming    Art    Illustration    Fanart  

Dark Souls: Working on comic pages. here’s an upcoming panel!

  Dark Souls    Karniz's Many Deaths in Dark Souls    Comic Panel    Gaming    Illustration    Fanart    Comic    Demon Ruins  


6/31 Executioner’s Chariot

More bosses of Dark Souls II! Sometimes I feel sorry for this guy… cuz’ the horse(…es?) are the main show for this fight. Hehehehe…

[View the full illustration on my deviantART!]

Original: Rococo Portrait
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

I don’t paint enough… pretty things. So here, have a pretty lady.
Now onto work!

  Original Art    Illustration    Digital Art    Digital Painting    Rococo    Portrait  

Original: Painting Practice
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

I am always trying out new ways to digitally paint. Sometimes I’m not happy with the process or the outcome of my works. I would really like to learn more… cute methods. I’ll have to just keep practicing these days…

By the way, the only part of this painting I like is her left nostril. Don’t ask.

  Original Art    Art    Illustration    Doodle    Warmup Drawing    Digital Painting    Practice  


5/31 Flexile Sentry

More bosses of Dark Souls II! Did you know… it sort of freaked me out when I noticed that they were lizards…? Play the game dark enough and you don’t notice things like that… hahahaha!

[View the full illustration on my deviantART!]

  Dark Souls II    Dark Souls 2    DARKSOULS2BOSSRUSH    Flexile Sentry    Gaming    Video Games    Illustration    Traditional Art    Fanart