Hyrule Warriors: Sheik
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Snippet of Sheik in my Hyrule Warriors illustration I’m working on! Having a lot of fun with this… I just hope that they don’t announce more characters - or else I’ll go crazy! XD;;

I’ll have it available in my Storenvy in October!

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… he is a wonderful kitty. I believe he’ll live up to the name.
[I’ve already had a Link and a Mario. Mwahahahaa…]

Been posting pictures to my Instagram of my new kitty.
I’m a proud mama


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Dark Souls: Karniz & Kyuzodomo
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Ahoy! There’s been an update over on Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls! [click here to go to the first of the newest pages~] I also threw up some news in the Free Talk section concerning prints…

Since I will be attending a convention in October, I will be doing a small print reorder of my 4 Knights of Gwyn illustration… And I also have a new Solaire illustration [with a sneak peek here!] that will debut there! To which I’ll sell the remainder of these on my Storenvy store!

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Hyrule Warriors: Zelda & Link
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Sneak peek at a print I’m working on for an upcoming convention & print sales for my Storenvy store!

This is gonna be a very very very fun illustration. Can’t wait!

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Nichijou: Nano!
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Sneak peek of a print I’m working on! I recently watched, and LOVED Nichijou… here’s Nano! Hehe~

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13/31 Smelter Demon

More bosses of Dark Souls II! Gehehehee… The Smelter Demon. I inked this, but then decided that he needed to be properly colored.
Hence my deviantART gallery has the full color version of this illustration.
And you can get products over here on my Redbubble store!

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Original: Garden of Eden
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

This is part of a bigger project I hope to talk about more later. Hehe.
But yeah, I really enjoy drawing flowers. Can you name them all?

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Commission: Erlussi & The Scavenger, L’s original character
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Part two to the commission I’ve been working on!
[which I believe I’m finished with. Waiting on the commissioner’s response. XD;;]

I’m definitely adding the “faux watercolor" method to my commissions… it’s such a nice style for beautiful images. Such as this one.
To which here is Erlussi - trying to heal the Scavenger.

Commission: Erlussi, L’s original character
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Commission I’m currently working on. Just finished with the flats… this is my favorite and least favorite stage to work on because… well, as any artist can relate - flats take the longest to complete. Hehe!

Evolution of a drawing. Sketch, pencil lines, pencil details, colors applied.
Tools: card stock, pencil, Dr. Martin Dyes.

For my Mytha illustration. Enjoy!

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12/31 Mytha, the Baneful Queen

More bosses of Dark Souls II! I had wayyy too much fun with this illustration. Did something different… it has a pencil underlay with dyes for the color. Fun fun fun!

[View the illustration on my deviantART!]

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Original: Nylon [3 Pillars]
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Nothing special, just a warm up drawing for today…
Gonna be working on commissions and prints today! Woohoo~

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Karniz Plays: Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Hehehe. These were true words uttered the other day when I began playing Skyward Sword. I really really really dislike how rolling works.

[I had gotten the game as a gift for my birthday last year from ze’ hubs. Along with a WiiU… so I’m working my way slowly through my LoZ backlog! Woohoo!]

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11/31 Covetous Demon

More bosses of Dark Souls II! heh… heh heh heh… hehehehehehe.
My husband thinks of great things. Have the Covetous Demon getting a comforting scrub down. ^w^;;

[View the illustration on my deviantART!]

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Dark Souls II: Darkdiver Grandahl
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Hehe. I had an issue deciding what to draw… I can always look to my hubs for great inspiration. And for the record, I love Grandahl. ♥

Oh yes! More importantly: Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls was updated today! Click here for the first of the newest pages if you are all caught up~

[Note: my newsletter plug in for the comic seems to be… not working? So there hasn’t been an e-mail update as of yet… which stinks. Gah.]

And as always… Thank you for the support!