14/31 Old Iron King

More bosses of Dark Souls II! The Old Iron King… I had a lot of fun with this one. Kehehehe… I posted in-progress snippets of this previously, if you are interested in seeing how I work. [pencils, and then line art!]

Head over to my deviantART for the full illustration!

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Dark Souls II: Bosses
Traditional Art; Inks, dip pen, croquil nib, and brush

Been workin’ hard! Lots of inking done tonight… my hand actually started hurting. So I’ll resume work soon!

Also had to pixelize nipples. Therefore not NSFW… /snickers

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Dark Souls II: Old Iron King
Traditional Art; Pencil

Working on the Old Iron King, catching up on the Dark Souls II Boss Rush

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Dark Souls II: Welcome to the Gutter!
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Hehehehehee… Been re-playing Dark Souls II with my hubs and his brother. Having a SMASHING time! Trying to wean myself off of casters… so I’m the dashing archer in the back aiming at absolutely nothing. The hubs is the hexer meeting a new friend, and his brother is getting spat on. The nerve

Good times. Good times…

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Dark Souls: Ceaseless, Karniz, and Kyuzodomo
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Oh, just ignore that giant molten lava monster… Just keep on runnin’!

Yep! An update to Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls!
[Click here to go to go the first of the newest pages~]

And I wanted to thank reader Harley H-A. for their generous donation! I don’t get very many, but each and every one I do get I’m incredibly thankful for! For those that do not know, my comic is 100% free to read online. So by sending me a small donation it tells me that you enjoy my comic, and gives me the incentive to work hard and give you these updates!

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Original Art: Karniz
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

O hey, it’s a Karniz!
[I’m not kidding - that’s actually Karniz. XD;;]

Anywho. This is the drawing for the backside of my new business card! I finally placed an order for prints… so I’m basically done! I’ll be resuming commissions shortly! And I may take a small order between now and October to just… keep me busy.

And update my comic. I really need to build more buffer pages. XD;;

Now if you don’t mind me… I’m gonna be playing some Dark Souls II

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KrakenCon released it’s Artist Alley map!

This’ll be my first west coast convention… so I’m very excited!
And this is my third convention I’m attending as an artist~
[Anime Next and New York Comic Con being my other two.]

But yes, onto the juicy parts… I do have a handful of new prints [see above], but I also have others that will be available as well! I’ll also be reprinting an older print… hint hint… Anything I have left in stock will be available on my Storenvy Store after the con!

Speaking of the store… all prints for sale on it will be available at the convention too! If you aren’t attending but see something you like, I’d suggest grabbing what you can! I will be closing my store just before the con to then update my inventory when I get back!
[Many pieces I will not restock… so yeah, if I sell out it’s gone!]

Oh yes, if interested, I’m also taking pre orders on my Hyrule Warriors illustration… XD

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Pretty Soldier Sailormoon: Inner/Outer Soldiers & Cats
Traditional Art; Inks/Croquil nib & Watercolor

It’s finally done! Haven’t done 100% watercolors for a serious illustration in so long… it felt really good to work on this piece. ^w^;; This is my Sailormoon illustration I’ll debut as a print at krakencon​ in October!

It’ll be available as a print on my Storenvy soon as well!

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Sailor Jupiter
Traditional Art; Inks/Croquil nib & Watercolor

Warming up my watercolors for a larger illustration. Here’s a sneak peek at the subject… hehehehe.
Want a better sneak peekCheck it out on my instagram. ^w^;

[This is also a great example of the $20 watercolor commission I’ll have available at KrakenCon in October! Ohohohohoo…]

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Hyrule Warriors: Characters
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Another snippet [albeit more showing this time!] of my upcoming Hyrule Warriors illustration. It’s got everyone innit. Not full bodied, but everyone’s in it… well, what’s been announced so far. Eep!

I’m stupidly ambitious… as I always am…
[I just hope they don’t announce any new characters…]

This is making rounds again, so I’m gonna throw this link in here…
Preorder this print! And I’ll have it available on my Storenvy after the con!

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Hyrule Warriors: Sheik
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Snippet of Sheik in my Hyrule Warriors illustration I’m working on! Having a lot of fun with this… I just hope that they don’t announce more characters - or else I’ll go crazy! XD;;

I’ll have it available in my Storenvy in October!

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… he is a wonderful kitty. I believe he’ll live up to the name.
[I’ve already had a Link and a Mario. Mwahahahaa…]

Been posting pictures to my Instagram of my new kitty.
I’m a proud mama


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Dark Souls: Karniz & Kyuzodomo
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Ahoy! There’s been an update over on Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls! [click here to go to the first of the newest pages~] I also threw up some news in the Free Talk section concerning prints…

Since I will be attending a convention in October, I will be doing a small print reorder of my 4 Knights of Gwyn illustration… And I also have a new Solaire illustration [with a sneak peek here!] that will debut there! To which I’ll sell the remainder of these on my Storenvy store!

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Hyrule Warriors: Zelda & Link
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Sneak peek at a print I’m working on for an upcoming convention & print sales for my Storenvy store!

This is gonna be a very very very fun illustration. Can’t wait!

[view more on my Legend of Zelda tag!]

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Nichijou: Nano!
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Sneak peek of a print I’m working on! I recently watched, and LOVED Nichijou… here’s Nano! Hehe~

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