Dark Souls: Howdy ho! It’s been awhile, but there’s finally new pages up on Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls! Click here if you’re caught up to see the new pages!

Yes, the arrival of Tits McGee.
I promise she isn’t that creepy in the comic… kehehehe!

Also, I recorded my drawing these pages on Livestream!
View em’ here! | Video #1 | Video #2 |

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Commission: WIP of Beastly’s character, Carrefour.
[she’s a gorgeous artist, by the way… go check her out! DO IT.]
Well, it’s pretty much done, but my back is hurting and I need to let my computer rest! Awooga!

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DotA2: I’m posting this for reals now - my illustration of Crystal Maiden for the International! View it in my Workshop!

Go vote for it if you like it! I’d really appreciate it~ ♥

But yes, I’m going to be doing designs of more heroes in the upcoming days! I have a small list of whom I will be working on…

Who would you like to see me do next?

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Zoomed in on a drawing I thought I’d never draw in my lifetime.
It’s for family. I do things for family. XD

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Dark Souls 2: The new Tits McGee - Chloanne! She must be so bored once she relocates to Majula…
I recorded the coloring of this on Livestream. You can watch that video here!

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Fire Emblem: I haven’t done enough fanart for this series yet. Although I’ve only played Sacred Stones prior to [yeeeeears ago.], I’m enjoying Awakening quite a bit!
Enjoy a Sully. ♥

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Original: Have a cute lady deer warrior. Just playing around with more half toning… Lots of fun!

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Kill la Kill: I’ll ship them till the end of time.

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Dark Souls II: So this is what I look like in Dark Souls II.
If you ever get summoned, or summon a Way of the Blue phantom on PS3 wearing this ridiculous setup [promptly doing a /warcry] with a lapine name - that’s probably me.

I’ll more than likely repeat my madness come the Steam version. Yesss…

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DotA2: A little sneak peak of a new shirt design I’m working on!
Working in halftones and submitting it to some shirt sites. Wish me luck!

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Original: Sorry for lack of daily posting. Been busy! I’ve been working on some orc commissions lately… so here’s an orc. ♥

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Original Art: Naava and Faxon, characters from 3 Pillars.

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World of Warcraft: Some recent commission sketches. and it”s a TROLL! ♥ I don’t get to draw trolls’ very often… hehehe! Excited~
More awesome hunter poses… I love posing the character with it’s pet… and another wolf, no less!
[I’m going to be a pro at drawing wolves pretty soon… ^w^;;]

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Dark Souls: He’s such a slick guy… ♥
Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls has been updated! Very important progress is happening~ Click here to jump to the newest page!

So yeah… back to work! /commissionnnnnsss

Original: I forget how much I love working in pencil.
I can’t wait for a proper desk so I can do more traditional illustrations!

One more month… one more month!

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