Sketch: Trying to remember how to draw with my hands. Heh.

ballpoint pen on normal printer paper. I sort of love drawing with ballpoint sometimes!

  Sketch    Art    Illustration    original character    Influenza  

Influenza: Ace trying to assist a wounded Influenza. Drawn during a Livestream session! The stream is worth watching - mainly because I sort of go insane having trouble drawing Ace’s head… thusly, hilarity ensued… thanks to the people in the chat. [I ♥ you guys!]

Influenza: More tinkering around in Manga Studio Ex. Not loving it. Doing lineart is easy… tones? Good lordy. It really shouldn’t be that complicated. But I shall keep working at it!


For those that remember my little questionnaire that I had awhile back, I tallied up the votes… aaaand Influenza's the winner! The Ward was verrrrrry close. [It only lost by two votes!] But in the coming weeks I will be reworking the story line and posting character sketches to my Tumblr~
Who knows… maybe 2013 will be the year I have another original comic online!
[oh my love, 3 Pillars, it’s only been two years… /comfort]
Thank you all who voted & sent me suggestions! All will be taken to heart!

… now if you don’t mind me… I need to do an illustration in Sai. Maybe I’ll stream it..? 

  original art    original characters    art    Illustration    lines    lineart    influenza    Manga Studio EX  

Influenza: Sample of an illustration that I’ll post on DA tomorrow - my hands are in all sorts of hurt at the moment, UGH. Kudos for those that know who this is of. ♥

  Illustration    art    influenza    original art    alien dominatrix  

Character Design: My comic “Influenza"s design for Arae, a police officer’s tactical combat uniform. This was drawn sometime in 2007.

Influenza: Birth… or death? I want to revitalize my old comic story, Influenza, sometime soon. I’ve been reworking the story and designs. Mmhmm!

  Influenza    comic    original art    Original Stories    robot chicks  

Influenza: Character illustration done as the redesign of the character Fayina… now she is named: Darjean.

  Influenza    Darjean    Character Design