World of Warcraft: Commission lines progress of Becca’s babies, Ransforde and Byriel. I’ve drawn them beforeShe’s great to work with, hehe.
[best commission reactions - ever.]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Horde    Wyrmrest Accord    Undead    Byriel    Ransforde    Lineart    Work in Progress  

Finished Dragon’s Dogma. Did a little doodle… Nothing special. XD
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Commission: I don’t get a lot of pencil line art commissions. But they’re refreshing and remind me why I love working with pencil. This lil’ alien is Bealix. And she hates wearing pants… hehehe.

Warm Up Drawing: Decided to do some shape gesture art today for a warm up. Stuck with my go-to theme of fantasy. None of these are established characters and were drawn on a whim. No eraser, no undo’s… just straight up lines. Took about fifteen minutes.

  Warm up drawing    gesture    process    fantasy    illustration    art    lineart    monochrome  

World of Warcraft: Commission WIP of the manliest night elf man I’ve been graced to work on - Garrod.

Why, yes, I do commissions.
[If you are interested contact me to get on the queue! It’s a doozy~]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    MMO    gaming    night elf    Garrod    Art    Illustration    Video Games    Lineart  

Commission: Haaa~ppy puppy! Hehehe… one part of a three part commission - this is the character Zei in his “Zoan” form, a large white wolf.

  Commission    Art    Lineart    Illustration    Wolf    Zoan    Zei  

Dark Souls: Tried out inking using a brush. It’s fun! Grey was done with gouache.

I’ve always wondered how one would take off the Helm of the Wise…
It’s a mystery…

  Dark Souls    Inks    Lineart    Brush    Illustration    Art    Fanart    Gaming  

Dark Souls: Oh look. Here’s Artorias…

I miss drawing traditionally. Makes me wanna work on an update to my comic… ohohohoho.

  Dark Souls    Artorias    Gaming    Illustration    Fanart    Art    Ink    Lineart  


For Challenge #76: I wanted to draw a moose. So I drew a moose.

Used different line widths for variation. Tried my hardest not to fill areas with solid black, since I’m the queen of shading w/ solid black… hahahaha.

… … … Did I mention there’s a moose? | DeviantART | Tumblr | Facebook


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World of Warcraft: More WIP’s of commissions I am doing - this time of a lovely lady Blood elf Paladin. This is actually a continuation commission from the awesome Joe of his character Zanfu, who has undergone a racial/gender change over to the horde/ladybeast’s. ♥

Want to commission me? I specialize in fantasy illustrations and of course, MMO’s… ^w^;;
I an currently closed but will be reopening commissions in August after Otakon 2013! [or commission me there~]

  World of Warcraft    Bloodelf    MMO    Gaming    Commission    Fanart    lineart    Paladin    Zanfu  

Prince of Persia: Commission lines for a PoP illustration I’m doing. So much detail… so much fuuunnnn! ♥

  Prince of Persia    Prince    Illustration    Lineart    Commission    Fanart    Gaming    Art  

Work in progress: Drawing Bilbo!
(I’m gonna watercolor this too…)


  thehobbit    art    fanart    bilbo    illustration    lineart  

Rise of the Guardians: Finally… Lines are complete! This’ll be the last WIP I post of this illustration… soon, it will be done. I’ll be featuring this print at Anime Next 2013! :D

  Rise of the Guardians    RotG    Jack Frost    North    Toothiana    Sandman    Bunnymund    Pitch    lines    lineart    illustration    work in progress    wip    prints i'm working on  

Rise of the Guardians: Since I lost my initial drawing I was working on today thanks to a stink bug, I don’t have a daily drawing for you guys…

So here, have a Toothiana from my work in progress Rise of the Guardians poster! :D

  Rise of the Guardians    RotG    Toothiana    Tooth Fairy    fanart    art    illustration    lineart    lines    work in progress    wip    prints i'm working on  

Other’s Original Characters: Just a WIP of Niking's awesome character Diwild. Tis' an art request, to which normally I don’t do requests but … but… it’s NIKING. ♥
I’ll finish this tomorrow. Sleep now.

  art    Illustration    work in progress    wip    Niking    Diwild    original art    other's original characters    lineart    flat colors    anthro    Beastmen    sexy motherfucker