Photo: Please stop snowing…
My gardens can’t take it anymore…
[Taken March 18th, 2013.]

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My Garden: An anticipation post… This photo was taken May 9th, 2011 of my front yard walkway.
I have “Basket of Gold" alyssum, candytuft, creeping phlox, mixed herbs [thyme, oregano, and sage], a fern-foliaged tansy, daylily foliage,  and various tulips blooming.
I seriously can’t wait for spring.

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Breakfast from the Garden: Saute of onion, potato, red russian kale, arugula, new zealand spinach, yellow & green beans, golden yellow snap pea, jalapeno, and garlic chives. Served with a paprika & black pepper egg in a wrap. My breakfasts are usually like this. ♥

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Photo Session: Here’s a mini tour of my gardens! It’s a peek into what I do when I’m not chained to my computer table arting! hee hee hee.
Sadly the backyard is controlled by my two dogs, so the only available space is in the front. It’s a nice mixture of annual/perennial flowers, shrubs, herbs, fruit/berries and vegetables. There are zones to my garden, the front is primarily a vegetable garden. The sides and back are all viewing areas where I have flowers planted. And my side yards are my shade gardens. I plant for nature - all are either nectar-giving for the various pollinators or shed seeds for the birds to feast on in the fall. The vegetables are for me.

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Photo: After many attempts to capture a monarch flying around my garden this afternoon I finally got it… the money shot. My camera was probably an inch away. It was surreal.

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My garden: The flower to the Golden Sweet Indian snow pea. It’s truly a spectacular flower, I can’t wait for the peas tho! My favorite veggie! (Photo taken May 21st 2012)

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In the Garden: Photos of things I found today while doing my daily checkup of the yard/garden. There’s so much produce going on, I can’t wait to make some carnitas with the Red Mustard and various other greens growing as a topping! From top to bottom: spinach, arugula flowers, strawberry, radish, and a mother robin. I’m so lucky to have this to come home to. ♥

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Photo: Ephemeral in my garden this spring. This is of a Scilla siberica - a mock shot, if you will, of a photo taken last year of the same area. It’s funny, last year this flower bloomed in April - but due to our extremely mild winter and warm spring this was blooming in early March. ♥
[Taken March 11th, 2012]

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Photo: Sign of spring… an offspring of a bulb of Fritillaria imperalis I planted. Supposed to smell like musky, like a skunk or a fox! Either way, I hope it’s red or orange… I can’t wait! ♥

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Photo: One of many lovely little Orb Weaver Spiders that made residence in my garden last year. Was taken inches from this little lady, and from underneath the web looking up. She stayed nice and still just for me. ♥ [Photo taken November 22nd 2011]

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Photo: Found a treasure hiding under my “Hidecote Blue" Lavender. It was such a shocking contrast to the grey of the winter landscape. I appreciated it.
[Photo taken January 7th, 2012.]

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Photo: Radishes plucked from the garden yesterday morning. They were promptly saute’d with radish greens, broccoli, arugula, garlic chives, and pea shoots; served on toast with eggs. Yum! Photo taken December 10th, 2011.

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Photo: Some fungi/lichen growing on a branch I use as a support trellis for snow peas. Photo taken November 8th 2011.

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Photo: Someone’s dinner. A Orb Weaver Spider’s web that spans my side yard’s arbor and a Butterfly Bush. She’s caught a lot of delicious things. Taken September 13th 2011.

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Photo: Line of jalapeno's w/ a dill seed head in the foreground. Taken August 19th, 2011.

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