Original: Nepenthes Fairy
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Dabbled with bluekomadori's AWESOME watercolor tutorial in Sai.
[It’s always nice to add a different rendering method to your arsenal…]

This’ll suffice nicely until I get myself an actual watercolor set…
[I only have a sand-based gouache and dyes.]

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Original: Rococo Portrait
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

I don’t paint enough… pretty things. So here, have a pretty lady.
Now onto work!

  Original Art    Illustration    Digital Art    Digital Painting    Rococo    Portrait  

Original: Painting Practice
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

I am always trying out new ways to digitally paint. Sometimes I’m not happy with the process or the outcome of my works. I would really like to learn more… cute methods. I’ll have to just keep practicing these days…

By the way, the only part of this painting I like is her left nostril. Don’t ask.

  Original Art    Art    Illustration    Doodle    Warmup Drawing    Digital Painting    Practice  

Original: Fireworks Air Machine
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Yesterday during our errands, Chubs and I saw an air machine grinding on a poor woman… The amount of firework stands here in California is INSANE. [never saw any in NJ…]

  Art    Illustration    Original Art    Humor    Comic    Fireworks    Air Machine    I'm Not Sorry  

Original/Doodle: Dr. Martin Dyes & Croquil nib w/ ink; sketching in ink… and I didn’t want to clean out my easel, so I used whatever colors I had already on it. [I’m in love with her lips.]

  Original Art    Traditional Art    Inks    Dr. Martin Dyes    Girl  

Original Art: My drawing for today’s Sketch Dailies prompt, which is vikings!

Crosshatching… crosshatching everywhere!

  Sketch Dailies    Art    Illustration    Original Art    Viking    Digital Art    crosshatching  

Original: Sometimes I envision that there is a dark skinned solar goddess in space.

  Art    Illustration    Original Art    Artists on Tumblr    Space    Goddess  

Original: Have a cute lady deer warrior. Just playing around with more half toning… Lots of fun!

  Original Art    Lady Warrior    Deer    Fantasy    Illustration    Art    Digital Art  

Original: Sorry for lack of daily posting. Been busy! I’ve been working on some orc commissions lately… so here’s an orc. ♥

  original art    fantasy    orc    male    illustration    art    warm up drawing  

Original Art: Naava and Faxon, characters from 3 Pillars.

  Art    Illustration    Fantasy    Original Art    Original Characters    3 Pillars    Naava    Faxon  

Original: Warm up of some… guy? I dunno, just randomly sketching. I worked on this at size - so the canvas was only 500x700 px. Working small forces me to be very loose. I like it.

  Original Art    Art    Illustration    Fantasy    Digital Painting  

Original: A psychedelic mermaid. Why not, eh?

  Original Art    Art    Illustration    Mermaid    Artists on Tumblr    Colorful    Digital Art  

3 Pillars: Kanjouuuuu~ XD;;

  Art    Illustration    Original Art    Original Characters    3 Pillars    Kanjou    Fantasy  

3 Pillars: Sometimes I get an itch to draw my old characters.
Here’s the lovely Kirsche, from my now closed comic 3 Pillars, with peonies… I have been looking at too much art noveau tattoo’s on Instagram lately… hehe. ♥

  3 Pillars    Original Art    Original Character    Art Noveau    Artists on Tumblr    Design    Peony    Kirsche  

Original: Teela, who has a funny back story, but that’s for another time.
But yes, this is proof I’m still around… I’ve just been busy! [I have too many projects & commissions & real life stuff going on!] I relax… and when I do I don’t do a damned thing… hehe~

  Art    Illustration    Fantasy    Original Art    Original Character    Teela