Photo: I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the air smells right now.

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Photo of a fallen robin’s egg from a Aurea Cypress in the yard… Tis a shame, but life goes on.

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Photo: Please stop snowing…
My gardens can’t take it anymore…
[Taken March 18th, 2013.]

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At Spring Fest 2013 @ Sussex County Fairgrounds! (Omg I’m going to be broke…)
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My Garden: An anticipation post… This photo was taken May 9th, 2011 of my front yard walkway.
I have “Basket of Gold" alyssum, candytuft, creeping phlox, mixed herbs [thyme, oregano, and sage], a fern-foliaged tansy, daylily foliage,  and various tulips blooming.
I seriously can’t wait for spring.

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In my garden: the Russian Red Kale is still going strong, despite there being a buncha snow on the ground.
Must make more soup! Mmmm…

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Tonight’s dinner - I made some Korean salt beef (Jang Jorim), carrot, spinach, bean sprouts and egg.
Mmmmmmmmmm ramen!

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Forced bulbs - hyacinth.
One of many that are starting to bloom on my kitchen windowsill. They smell fantastic!

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My homemade rain chain covered in ice.
I love winter sometimes…

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Red Russian Kale - harvested yesterday, Dec. 19th 2012.
Photo taken last night before it was thrown into a bubbling pot of delicious winter soup. Yum yum.

(The photo has not been altered, winter chill makes kale gorgeous!)

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Photo: At the Lake Mohawk NJ German winter festival. Drank Glühwein, I am a happy girl… [not-pictured is the giant bag of awesome kettle popcorn we got. Yuuumm!]

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Photo: Rescued plant from the snow outside, and turned it into a bonsai indoor plant. It’s a Pelagonium “Vancouver Centennial”, a fancy leaf Geranium.

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Fall perfection. Took the dogs on a walk Saturday through Allamuchy State Park, NJ. October 20th, 2012. #fall #nature #photography #woods #trees

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Monarch Butterfly caterpillar on my Butterfly Weed. Taken in the summer, 2012.

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Breakfast from the Garden: Saute of onion, potato, red russian kale, arugula, new zealand spinach, yellow & green beans, golden yellow snap pea, jalapeno, and garlic chives. Served with a paprika & black pepper egg in a wrap. My breakfasts are usually like this. ♥

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