Original: Rococo Portrait
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

I don’t paint enough… pretty things. So here, have a pretty lady.
Now onto work!

  Original Art    Illustration    Digital Art    Digital Painting    Rococo    Portrait  

Original Illustration: A lil’ CGing warm up between sketching… she may need to reapply her bandages… All done in Paint Tool Sai.

  Illustration    Art    Original Art    Original Character    Digital Painting    Paint Tool Sai    Elf    Fantasy    Portrait  

3 Pillars: I had sketched this a week or so ago… who is this? It’s Azul. One of my main characters from an old story o’ mine; 3 Pillars. Decided to color it up… why the hell not, right? Haha.

Oh, and noizmaker.net got a slight portfolio refresher. I have to change my web host soon, so I’ll be doing a revamp later on… heh.

  3 Pillars    Azul    Illustration    Original Art    Original Character    Portrait  

Pretty Soldier Sailormoon: Close up on a Sailor Mars commission. She wanted me to emulate an older coloring style I did… I’ll tell you the truth - it was actually pretty difficult!

Hahahah… [Well, only cuz’ I couldn’t remember what I did…]
But either way, she loved it. So I’m happy. ^w^;;

  Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon    Sailor Mars    Rei    Commission    Illustration    Art    Anime    Portrait  

Doodle: I never usually just draw a face.
But the second I gave her big teeth, I had to finish this.

  pencil    art    doodle    illustration    portrait    traditional art  

Original: Hellebore fairy. I sort of love how this came out… So pleased ♥

  original art    original characters    fairy    hellebore    flower    artists on tumblr    Illustration    art    digital painting    Paint Tool SAI    realism    portrait  

Original: Ushiii~ ♥ Drawing of my dear friend and her pup, Bernie. He’s a puggle. Puggles are awesome. Bernie is awesome. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  art    Illustration    portrait    puggle    dog    original art    friends    artists on tumblr    digital painting  

Warmup Sketch: Archer girl awaiting orders. Time to work work work!

  warmup drawing    Illustration    sketch    cute girls    archer    fantasy    portrait    artists on tumblr  

Digital Painting Studies: I’m still trying to learn how to digitally paint. Not totally aiming for realistic, just focusing on relying less on using lines.

Only reference used was for the ear… Seems I can’t find decent reference art that isn’t from google image search… [heh]
Although I saw a bunch of resources going around with great references for artists, can anyone point me in the right direction?

  warmup drawing    sketch    digital painting    studies    portrait    i'm a newb