Commission: Mother/Son, World of Warcraft
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Hehe. I do enjoy the sketching stage of my commissions… Here is one of a lovely mother/son picture! I dunno why but I totally channeled a sultry look with her up there… [hummina hummina~] XD;;

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Sketch    Night Elf    Human    Illustration    Art    Fanart    Digital Art  

Dark Souls: Comic page sketching
Traditional art; pencil [mechanical and drafting]

So I hurt my back. Dunno how, but I can’t sit up at all without being in immense pain… It stinks.
Been unable to draw at my computer… but at least I can lie down and do traditional stuff! So I am working on my Dark Souls comic pages!

  dark souls    illustration    comics    sketch    traditional art    pencil  

Dark Souls II: Old Iron King
Traditional Art; Pencil

Working on the Old Iron King, catching up on the Dark Souls II Boss Rush

  Dark Souls II    Dark Souls 2    DARKSOULS2BOSSRUSH    Sketch    Illustration    Gaming    Video Game    Art    Fanart    Traditional Art    Old Iron King  

Doodle. Watching the hubs play Wind Waker.

  legend of zelda    wind waker    link    medli    makar    doodle    sketch    gaming    traditional art  

Original: Nylon [3 Pillars]
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Nothing special, just a warm up drawing for today…
Gonna be working on commissions and prints today! Woohoo~

  Original Art    Art    Illustration    Original Character    Warm up Drawing    Nylon    3 Pillars    Doodle    Sketch    Digital Art  

Dark Souls: Comic thumbnails
Traditional Art; pencil

Working on the next sixteen pages of Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls. Good times. There’s a lot more Kyuzodomo coming up! ♥

Commission: Ze’ character EiDolo~ For a Final Fantasy XIV commission I’ve been working on! [yes, been super duper busy so I don’t have any new art to show you all… /blush]
And these are just the roughs… I always draw the roughs as people in their underwear. It’s a thing. ♥

  Final Fantasy    Final Fantasy XIV    Commission    Gaming    EiDolo    Fanart    roughs    sketch    commission underwear  

Dark Souls: Working on comic thumbnails… so far a nice easy day of work… [so far.]

  Dark Souls    Work in Progress    Comic    Thumbnails    Sketch    Doodle  

World of Warcraft: Some recent commission sketches. and it”s a TROLL! ♥ I don’t get to draw trolls’ very often… hehehe! Excited~
More awesome hunter poses… I love posing the character with it’s pet… and another wolf, no less!
[I’m going to be a pro at drawing wolves pretty soon… ^w^;;]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Troll    Hunter    Illustration    Sketch    Art    Fanart    Gaming    Video Games    MMO    Vukozu    Archon  

Original: Bubblegum POP!

  original art    original character    elf    bubblegum    pop    illustration    art    doodle    sketch    warm up drawing  

World of Warcraft: Commission sketches… Every commission I do I draw the requested character in underwear.
If it’s a girl she’ll be her undies… It’s just what I do
Anyway. Drawin’ up a DK orc… can’t resist some sexy man shots. Hahahaha/bonks

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Sketch    Warmup Drawing    Orc  

INKTOBER #12: Done with a very broken croquil nib and Black Magic ink. No pencil sketch underlay. Cutie caster…

  INKTOBER    Inks    Traditional Art    Sketch    Doodle    INKTOBER 2013  

Dark Souls: Solaire. As he mostly appears in my comic, chillin’ at the bonfire reading his favorite book.

There may be an update tonight if I can get to it. Been super busy with commissions so I’ve been uninspired to draw lately. /groans

  Dark Souls    Solaire    Doodle    Fanart    Gaming    Sketch  

Lack of inspiration to draw leads me to this.

A lizard of some sort wearing cat ears.


  art    illustration    doodle    sketch    silly  

Smile honey, it’s not that bad.

  art    illustration    sketch    rough drawing    painterly style