Original: Nylon [3 Pillars]
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Nothing special, just a warm up drawing for today…
Gonna be working on commissions and prints today! Woohoo~

  Original Art    Art    Illustration    Original Character    Warm up Drawing    Nylon    3 Pillars    Doodle    Sketch    Digital Art  

Dark Souls: Comic thumbnails
Traditional Art; pencil

Working on the next sixteen pages of Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls. Good times. There’s a lot more Kyuzodomo coming up! ♥

Commission: Ze’ character EiDolo~ For a Final Fantasy XIV commission I’ve been working on! [yes, been super duper busy so I don’t have any new art to show you all… /blush]
And these are just the roughs… I always draw the roughs as people in their underwear. It’s a thing. ♥

  Final Fantasy    Final Fantasy XIV    Commission    Gaming    EiDolo    Fanart    roughs    sketch    commission underwear  

Dark Souls: Working on comic thumbnails… so far a nice easy day of work… [so far.]

  Dark Souls    Work in Progress    Comic    Thumbnails    Sketch    Doodle  

World of Warcraft: Some recent commission sketches. and it”s a TROLL! ♥ I don’t get to draw trolls’ very often… hehehe! Excited~
More awesome hunter poses… I love posing the character with it’s pet… and another wolf, no less!
[I’m going to be a pro at drawing wolves pretty soon… ^w^;;]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Troll    Hunter    Illustration    Sketch    Art    Fanart    Gaming    Video Games    MMO    Vukozu    Archon  

Original: Bubblegum POP!

  original art    original character    elf    bubblegum    pop    illustration    art    doodle    sketch    warm up drawing  

World of Warcraft: Commission sketches… Every commission I do I draw the requested character in underwear.
If it’s a girl she’ll be her undies… It’s just what I do
Anyway. Drawin’ up a DK orc… can’t resist some sexy man shots. Hahahaha/bonks

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Sketch    Warmup Drawing    Orc  

INKTOBER #12: Done with a very broken croquil nib and Black Magic ink. No pencil sketch underlay. Cutie caster…

  INKTOBER    Inks    Traditional Art    Sketch    Doodle  

Dark Souls: Solaire. As he mostly appears in my comic, chillin’ at the bonfire reading his favorite book.

There may be an update tonight if I can get to it. Been super busy with commissions so I’ve been uninspired to draw lately. /groans

  Dark Souls    Solaire    Doodle    Fanart    Gaming    Sketch  

Lack of inspiration to draw leads me to this.

A lizard of some sort wearing cat ears.


  art    illustration    doodle    sketch    silly  

Smile honey, it’s not that bad.

  art    illustration    sketch    rough drawing    painterly style  

Commissions: Today was a very weird day for me, but I got through it

Otherwise, submitted poses for commission requests I got yesterday! Two are World of Warcraft, one is Etrian Odyssey! I can’t tell you how excited I am to work on these… I really do love people who RP their characters. ♥

Yep, when you commission me I draw everybody wearing underwear. It makes it easier to see the pose… hahaha. But If you’re lucky you might get naked people or blurred out junk! ohohohoho~ :D

  Commission    World of Warcraft    Etrian Odyssey    Poses    Sketch  

Bioshock Infinite: And another con commission, this time from Anime Next 2013!
I hadn’t played Bioshock Infinite at the time I did this commission [since then - I have played/beaten it! XD;;], but if I did I would have given Elizabeth a serious look on her face and made her say “Smother…”

  Bioshock Infinite    Elizabeth    Booker Dewitt    Commission    Anime Next    Pencil    Sketch    Art    Illustration    Gaming    Video Games  

Warm up Doodle: So usually I post finished and polished art. Here, have some wireframe sketches! Something different, eh?

  warm up doodle    sketch    wire frame    doodle    unfinished art  

Original: Someone’s not impressed. Remember her? I think I drew her again… GASP. I never draw the same unnamed character twice! Hahhaa… maybe she should be a character o’ mine or something?

See the full version on my Facebook!

  original art    illustration    traditional art    original character    character design    girl    monster    sketch    pencil