Digital Painting Studies: I’m still trying to learn how to digitally paint. Not totally aiming for realistic, just focusing on relying less on using lines.

Only reference used was for the ear… Seems I can’t find decent reference art that isn’t from google image search… [heh]
Although I saw a bunch of resources going around with great references for artists, can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Studies [1.5 hrs]: Working on warm up illustrations using the studies posted by the amazing Eyecager. ♥

Did a rough backround flanking out shapes first then working in stages tightening the details. Then did the figures using only silhouette’s. Texture added and gradients for interest. T’was fun to do.

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Studies: Inspired [from my idol, /gush] Eyecager’s post on her studies of Carol Marine’s work process. I’ve still got a long way to go, didn’t want to do this in color just yet so I stuck with grey tones. It’s interesting, nonetheless.

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