The Ward: Have a Stavros. Being angry. He’s good at angry. ♥

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Original Art: Doodle of Alyssa from my comic in progress, “The Ward”. When all else fails, draw a cute elf girl… Doodled while watching some ‘Diners, Drive-in’s & Dives’… XD

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The Ward: I get bouts of drawing these two in loving poses. Some get pretty raunchy… those I don’t put online. Ohohoho. ♥
Stavros & Alyssa from a comic project of mine, The Ward [2].

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Rhodes, The Snake - an Alchemist
This is my take on the mythos behind a snake. One of the symbols is Ouroboros - which is also the mandala for alchemy. “Hen to pan” means ‘one and all’.
Rhodes, the character within, is from one of my original stories that I’m working on [The Ward/2 ]. In it, he is the head alchemist sent on a mission with the heroine of the story.
So boom.

This illustration isn’t exactly complete. So I will revisit it in the future. I may like it more simpler like this though… hehe! | Tumblr | DeviantART

Sometimes it’s soothing to hand-draw something… It’s nib pens on card stock then digitally colored~

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The Ward: I was on an original character art fit last night. I illustrated over 5+ drawings similar to this of various of my originals… [some are NSFW… so I won’t be uploading those. Heh heh heh…]
I used this as a warm up drawing to test out the lovely custom SAI brush by CRCHUA! ♥
… I approve of it.

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The Ward: A study of Alyssa in green. Would you believe that I haven’t actually “drawn" anything for like… four days?! Been so busy. So between working on pages of Trick Stars, I wanted to sketch this out. Nice quick boobssketch of Alyssa.

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The Ward: Page fourteen of my original comic, The Ward. I’ll post more constantly after I’m done being super busy. Super cereal.

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The Ward: … trust is a fickle thing. Truth: my nose started bleeding during this sketch… hmm… a sign?

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For this challenge, I knew I wanted to do an action comic, but I wanted to keep it silent…
No words, no sound effects. Just action. These characters are from a comic project of mine [currently under creation] called The Ward [more concepts here]. | Tumblr | DeviantART

More work from The Ward I did for a challenge~ Had lots of fun w/ it…

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The Ward: Technically a fanart piece - my Adept in Dungeon Defenders is named after my character Alyssa, and I’ve made her Apprentice pet Stavros. So it made sense that I draw my characters “in game”.

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The Ward: Alyssa sketch colored in Sai. Still working with it. [and enjoying it! ♥]


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Work in Progress: Finished the lines and blocked out the flats for this… naughty piece. Oh Alyssa, what’re you doing? Ohohoho…
[I shouldn’t draw this late in the night, I really shouldn’t…]

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The Ward: Creepy Alyssa is creepy?


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The Ward: Character sheet illustration for Adrastos, a demon avian, from The Ward.


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The Ward: Instead of a person, here’s an environmental illustration. The Cathedral, the main hub of action in The Ward.