6/31 Executioner’s Chariot

More bosses of Dark Souls II! Sometimes I feel sorry for this guy… cuz’ the horse(…es?) are the main show for this fight. Hehehehe…

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5/31 Flexile Sentry

More bosses of Dark Souls II! Did you know… it sort of freaked me out when I noticed that they were lizards…? Play the game dark enough and you don’t notice things like that… hahahaha!

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Dark Souls: Quelaan
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Oh ho ho! Lookie here! This is what happens when I have more free time to myself… I actually update my comic!

So Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls got an update today! [For those caught up, here’s the first of the newest pages!] Plus I gave myself a new icon for the site… hope you guys like it. Kehehe.

But more importantly… Karniz finally joins a covenant.
[and don’t worry, those that have mentioned it… I do kill Karniz very very soon… mwahahahahahahaa…]


4/31 Old Dragonslayer

More bosses of Dark Souls II! I wanted to go with a simple grey ink wash for this boss… but that beautiful plumage… can’t neglect a splash of red. Ohohoho~

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Dark Souls: Ever wondered how I worked on a comic page? If you’ve never sat in on one of my Livestream drawing sessionswell, here ya go!

First is the rough sketch, based on sketches I do [you can see the pages recently drawn in that photo too! Hehehe~], second is the lines, then I add the effects. Simple grey washes and red to make the page pop!
You’ll also notice that between the sketch and the line art stage is when I change little details or add things. I never work too tightly in my sketch like a lot of other artists do, I feel it detracts from the creative process.

If I work “without distraction”, a page can take me anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to finish!

Hope you found this interesting. ^w^;;



Sooooo there’s an update over on ze’ comic… Karniz always has her hands full, doesn’t she? I also noticed I haven’t killed her lately. Don’t worry, that’ll be remedied once I get into the Lost Izalith… mwahaha… mwahahaha… WAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA~

Anyways… click here to start reading the new pages. ♥

Legend of Zelda: Link! For how much I love the series, I honestly don’t draw enough fanart… So I’m remedying that! Here’s a Twilight Princess version Link…

Can’t wait cuz’ I’ll be playing Skyward Sword verrrrryyy soon!
[and hopefully it won’t take me six years to go through like TP…]

Also you want to drag the picture for a lil’ sneak peak! Works best with dark backgrounds… hehehehe~ ♥

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DotA 2: Lina the Slayer. She’s on a shirt.

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DotA 2: Bloodseeker. Shirt design… submitting to a buncha places, maybe it’ll get printed? I’d be ecstatic… [Eh, but if it doesn’t off to my Redbubble store it’ll go!]

Oh, yeah, and if you like it go vote for it in The International workshop on Steam! ♥

Wish me luck!

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DotA2: Been working on some drawings for shirts featuring the DotA2 heroes…
And I wanted to doodle Axe…. Axe was then doodled.

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Dark Souls: Commission for a Youtube channel of the player in Elite Knight armor! I’ll release more details about the channel once the drawing is complete… hehe.
[cuz’ he’s not holding a conventional Dark Souls weapon!]

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Dark Souls: Lautrec. That douche bag… why do I say such harsh things? Because in the latest update to Karniz’s Many Deaths in Dark Souls he shows his douche baggery way!

Click here to see the first of the newest pages!

And remember to subscribe to the mailing list! Why? Because you would have seen this update yesterday! Plus I always throw in a little doodle with each e-mail I send~
[only one per update, I’m not a crazy person…]

But yes, due to recent comments I’m going to be doing a series of “How I Met" certain characters! Mainly because I didn’t really go over details like that in the comic [since it was originally just a silly one-shot thing].

Since it’s gained popularity I decided to amp up the fun! Hehe~
I hope you guys enjoy it! I certainly had fun working on it.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Lookit this lil’ cutie. Commission of the Taru-Lalafell, Eidolo! I posted the sketches sometime ago on this commission… but yeah, it came out really good!

[Check out the whole version over on my deviantART!]

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Dark Souls II: Lucatiel. She’s a very interesting character…

Some more mussing about in Manga Studio 5 EX. I noticed a huuuuge issue that I can’t figure out that could be a deal breaker on the program while working on this…

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DARK SOULS RAGE FACE [via Carson-Drew-It!]

Yeah, I know not really a “rage face”, but I really don’t get mad. I just get…really really frustratingly sad. I also get up and leave the room, hahahaha! [terrible flash backs to my attempts at Vendrick.]

So yes, let’s see those #DARKSOULSRAGEFACE

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