Dark Souls: Oh, don’t mind me… just working on something

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Commission: WIP of Beastly’s character, Carrefour.
[she’s a gorgeous artist, by the way… go check her out! DO IT.]
Well, it’s pretty much done, but my back is hurting and I need to let my computer rest! Awooga!

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Wyrmrest Accord    Undead    Horde    Carrefour    Mage    Highwayman    Art    Illustration    Work in Progress  

World of Warcraft: Commission lines progress of Becca’s babies, Ransforde and Byriel. I’ve drawn them beforeShe’s great to work with, hehe.
[best commission reactions - ever.]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Horde    Wyrmrest Accord    Undead    Byriel    Ransforde    Lineart    Work in Progress  

Dark Souls: Working on comic thumbnails… so far a nice easy day of work… [so far.]

  Dark Souls    Work in Progress    Comic    Thumbnails    Sketch    Doodle  

World of Warcraft: Commission WIP of Xein! I get to draw TWO Pandaren in a row now! I’m sort of psyched…. hehe.

[And forgive me for lack of real art. Commissions are keeping me mega-busy! =_=;;]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Pandaren    Work in Progress    Digital Inking    Xein    Paint Tool SAI  

World of Warcraft: So I may be working on a Pandaren for the first time! Exciting! Although I’m not sure about their body markings… but it won’t matter… this cute monk will be wearing armor. Hehe.

And yes, I am alive. I’ve just been sick… -_-;;

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Sketches    Work in Progress    Pandaren    Monk    Xein    Art    Illustration    Pencil    Traditional Art  

World of Warcraft: Commission work in progress… lines of the lovely Ty’haevia~ I’m going to have fun coloring this in… hee hee hee.

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Work in Progress    Line art    Blood Elf    Ty'haevia    Priest    Art    Illustration    Fanart  

Work in Progress: Heh… guess what I’ve been watching recently? Only fifteen or so years late… hahahaha.
I had friends in high school that liked this series, but I wasn’t really into anime back then… but yeah, I like it! [So much early 90’s anime goodness…]

  Rurouni Kenshin    Work in Progress    Paint Tool Sai    Kenshin    Digital Paint    Art    Illustration    WIP  

World of Warcraft: A commission I’m working on of Rargnasha and the lovely Grogona.
I don’t show enough procedure on how I “CG-Render" my works. So enjoy a rough version of how I apply color to my illustrations after I’m done with the toning/shading!

I actually will go back in and apply even darker tones to ensure depth. Using light and dark properly in your illustrations helps with depth…
[Maybe I’ll make a post tomorrow of my highlights procedure! XD]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Orc    work in progress    drawing process    CG    Digital Painting    Art    Illustration    Fanart  

Dark Souls: The Painted World of Ariamis. Part of my in-process t-shirt illustration I’m working on…
See Priscilla here!

Now to color this behemoth… rarrrrgh. Hehe.
[But first, the last of my commissions!]

  Dark Souls    Painted World    Priscilla    Work in Progress    T-shirt Design    Art    Illustration    Graphic Design    Line art  

Dark Souls: I may or may not be working on a new t-shirt design - mainly cuz’ I like to wear my own art on my chest! Hehehe.

If you’re interested, view my other shirts here! There’s not much, but I plan on fixing that soon…

World of Warcraft: Another commission WIP. This is of the lovely Vaxir… crazy lady that she is… hehe~ This actually isn’t my first time drawing this character, in fact this is what she used to look like. Heh. Hulking beast… I love it. ♥

Wanna see your World of Warcraft RP character come to life? Consider commissioning me? I specialize in WoW character art… hehe…

  World of Warcraft    Nightelf    Scourge    Commission    Gaming    WoW    Video Games    Illustration    Art    Work in progress  

World of Warcraft: WIP stage [base shading] of a World of Warcraft commission I am working on~ I posted the lineart previously, hehe.

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Paladin    Blood Elf    Work in Progress    Illustration    Zanfu  

Dark Souls: I liked this too much not to post it before I’m finished. Oh, just a Black Knight garroting a poor Engorged Zombieohohohoho.

This is a commission work in progress - it’s still in the rendering phase hence why it looks rough. I’ll post the final one soonish… hehe~
[What? Why yes, I do take commissions]

  Dark Souls    From Software    Black Knight    Commission    Gaming    Work in Progress  

WIP: O hey, Uchi on Tumblr - your advice helped! One of the brushes in that set is GREAT! Hehehehe. Working on a digital paint of my “Brass Knightess" character in Dark Souls.
What started as a simple pencil sketch might come out a nice lil’ illustration. ^w^;;

@ Rammy: Yes! I’d love any advice/help you can offer, o wise one~ ♥