Hyrule Warriors: Characters
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Another snippet [albeit more showing this time!] of my upcoming Hyrule Warriors illustration. It’s got everyone innit. Not full bodied, but everyone’s in it… well, what’s been announced so far. Eep!

I’m stupidly ambitious… as I always am…
[I just hope they don’t announce any new characters…]

This is making rounds again, so I’m gonna throw this link in here…
Preorder this print! And I’ll have it available on my Storenvy after the con!

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Hyrule Warriors: Sheik
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Snippet of Sheik in my Hyrule Warriors illustration I’m working on! Having a lot of fun with this… I just hope that they don’t announce more characters - or else I’ll go crazy! XD;;

I’ll have it available in my Storenvy in October!

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Hyrule Warriors: Zelda & Link
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Sneak peek at a print I’m working on for an upcoming convention & print sales for my Storenvy store!

This is gonna be a very very very fun illustration. Can’t wait!

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Commission: Erlussi, L’s original character
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

Commission I’m currently working on. Just finished with the flats… this is my favorite and least favorite stage to work on because… well, as any artist can relate - flats take the longest to complete. Hehe!

Dark Souls II: The Lost Sinner [Work in Progress]
Traditional Art; Ink & Brush

Working on some lines with brush.
I don’t do this often enough, and I totally should…

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Dark Souls: Oh, don’t mind me… just working on something

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Commission: WIP of Beastly’s character, Carrefour.
[she’s a gorgeous artist, by the way… go check her out! DO IT.]
Well, it’s pretty much done, but my back is hurting and I need to let my computer rest! Awooga!

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World of Warcraft: Commission lines progress of Becca’s babies, Ransforde and Byriel. I’ve drawn them beforeShe’s great to work with, hehe.
[best commission reactions - ever.]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Horde    Wyrmrest Accord    Undead    Byriel    Ransforde    Lineart    Work in Progress  

Dark Souls: Working on comic thumbnails… so far a nice easy day of work… [so far.]

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World of Warcraft: Commission WIP of Xein! I get to draw TWO Pandaren in a row now! I’m sort of psyched…. hehe.

[And forgive me for lack of real art. Commissions are keeping me mega-busy! =_=;;]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Pandaren    Work in Progress    Digital Inking    Xein    Paint Tool SAI  

World of Warcraft: So I may be working on a Pandaren for the first time! Exciting! Although I’m not sure about their body markings… but it won’t matter… this cute monk will be wearing armor. Hehe.

And yes, I am alive. I’ve just been sick… -_-;;

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Sketches    Work in Progress    Pandaren    Monk    Xein    Art    Illustration    Pencil    Traditional Art  

World of Warcraft: Commission work in progress… lines of the lovely Ty’haevia~ I’m going to have fun coloring this in… hee hee hee.

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Work in Progress    Line art    Blood Elf    Ty'haevia    Priest    Art    Illustration    Fanart  

Work in Progress: Heh… guess what I’ve been watching recently? Only fifteen or so years late… hahahaha.
I had friends in high school that liked this series, but I wasn’t really into anime back then… but yeah, I like it! [So much early 90’s anime goodness…]

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World of Warcraft: A commission I’m working on of Rargnasha and the lovely Grogona.
I don’t show enough procedure on how I “CG-Render" my works. So enjoy a rough version of how I apply color to my illustrations after I’m done with the toning/shading!

I actually will go back in and apply even darker tones to ensure depth. Using light and dark properly in your illustrations helps with depth…
[Maybe I’ll make a post tomorrow of my highlights procedure! XD]

  World of Warcraft    Commission    Orc    work in progress    drawing process    CG    Digital Painting    Art    Illustration    Fanart  

Dark Souls: The Painted World of Ariamis. Part of my in-process t-shirt illustration I’m working on…
See Priscilla here!

Now to color this behemoth… rarrrrgh. Hehe.
[But first, the last of my commissions!]

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